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The Red Flag Flies from Atop the World
Editorial India Statement

The Red Flag Flies from Atop the World

Dear Friends, In India, the all-important legislative election is being held for Gujarat. Results will appear sometime after December 18. Expectations are high that the BJP will be defeated, that this will put a dent on the ambitions of Narendra Modi and his coterie – including the diabolical Amit Shah. […]

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News Statement Venezuela

Venezuela, Towards New Victories

By: Adán Chávez Frías / The Dawn News / December 10, 2017 We are in the presence of the greatest imperial offensive against democracy and self-determination of the peoples. The unilateral recognition of Jerusalem as capital of the Israeli State by the Trump Administration is a risk for peace in […]

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Colombia News

Land Rights Leader Hernán Bedoya Assassinated in Chocó

Source: Contagio Radio / The Dawn News / December 8, 2017 Hernán Bedoya, renown land rights leader of Choco and of the collective territory of Pedeguita and Mancilla, who had denounced illegal associations, fraudulent contracts and the presence of paramilitaries in the region was murdered. The event happened at around […]