CUBA. 39 Years After the Terrorist Crime of Barbados, its Author is Still Free in Miami

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Declassified document confirms what Cuba has been denouncing for years, that a terrorist is free in Miami.

Source: / The Dawn / October 6, 2015


A declassified document from the US State Department, dated 1976, points to Luis Posada Carriles as the main suspect of the terrorist act that killed 73 people that same year, when an airplane of the Cuban Airline exploded.

The memorandum, sent by two high-ranked officials to who at that time was the Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, analyzes the accusations made by the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, about the possible involvement of Washington in the tearing down of the aircraft, which had left Barbados on October 6th, 1976.

The report, which was brought to light last year, confirmed Castro’s concerns about the links between the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) with extremist groups of Cuban exiles in southern Florida.

According to the memorandum, the CIA was linked to three of the people “allegedly” involved in the downing of a Cuban airliner, “but any role those persons may have had in the demolition took place without any knowledge of the agency”.

The text approaches, in detail, the CIA ‘s links with individuals that were pointed out as being involved in sabotage, and explicitly names Hernán Ricardo Lozano, Freddy Lugo, Luis Posada Carriles, Orlando Bosch, Frank Castro, Orlando García, Ricardo Morales Navarrete and Félix Martínez Suárez.

It specifies that the governmental entity had only made ​​contact with Posada Carriles, Bosch and Martinez Suarez in the past, in different circumstances and roles. According to the authors of the report, Suárez was not involved in the incident.

The document is signed by Harold H. Saunders, director of the Bureau of Intelligence and Research of the Department Of State, and by Undersecretary of State for Inter-American Affairs, Harry W. Shlaudeman.

The document, which was already part of the collection of the National Security Archive, although in a censored version, was declassified by the Office of the Historian of the State Department, within a volume of documents concerning Central America and Mexico between 1973 and 1976.

Families of the victims

Cuba has repeatedly denounced, on many international stages, that the bombing was carried out by Venezuelans Hernán Ricardo and Freddy Lugo, CIA agents, who put the explosives inside the plane by order of Cuban terrorists Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch.

Many reports indicate that Posada was trained by the US military in Fort Benning, Georgia, in the ’60s, to conduct military actions in Cuba in what was called Operación Mangosta (Mongoose Operation).

Meanwhile, Posada Carriles, who is the confessed author of the bombing of Barbados and is also pointed out as the organizer of a series of bombing attacks of Havana hotels in 1997, has been living in Miami for several years now and enjoys a peaceful old age.


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