VENEZUELA. Maduro sworn a Campaign Command before the parliamentary elections

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Source: TeleSUR TV / The Dawn / October 4, 2015.

This Sunday, the president of the PSUV (Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela/ United Socialist Party of Venezuela), Nicolas Maduro, called all members of the organization, mainly his candidates, for the parliamentary elections to be held on December 6, to form a new, profoundly revolutionary, collective leadership, in order to consolidate Bolivarian socialism in the country.

“This historical moment requires us to be conscious, to know that we must forge a collective leadership of a new type, profoundly revolutionary in nature, that emerges from the foundations and builds Bolivarian socialism”, he expressed in a ceremony in the Main Theater of Caracas, where he installed the Bolivar-Chavez Campaign Command, to face the upcoming elections.
The socialist leader emphasized that the rest of the Chavista leaders face the challenge of not allowing the revolutionary strength to decrease, and should go after venezuelans with a deep bolivarian consciousness, but also after the ones that are unhappy and have lost interest in politics.

In that regard, he urged the candidates to mobilize citizens, not only with speeches but also in action, with honesty, ethics and moral, and designing new political methods to encourage and lead them.
“The people on the street can even be angry, but they know that where there is a bolivarian, there is an honest man or woman that will fight along with them. That advantage is invaluable, is the greatest advantage. There is a moral, ethical and political advantage, that the revolution has in its leaders and in their leaders’ honesty”.

The revolutionary leader urge the candidates of the PSUV and the rest of the allied parties to work hard towards victory and forge it with dedication and commitment.

“We believe in God, we pray every day, we deeply believe in the spiritual and moral forces that guide our Homeland, but there is no predestined victory. Victories are forged, they are built and conquered, and then they are enjoyed and become part of a new process”, he stated. On the other side, he emphasized the work done by the Party, that concluded with 167 candidates inscripted to the parliamentary elections by the socialist force, and added that they represent a renovation of 80% of the socialist members of the parliament in the current National Assembly (AN). For these elections there will be a gender parity, meaning that 50 percent of the
candidates are men and 50 percent women.

Deepen the union to secure peace

The president of the PSUV called for a deepening of the great popular union to defend the homeland and be alert to the actions of sabotage against the people, seeking to break the peace of the nation, while he warned that there will be custodial measures for anyone who engages in conspiracies against the country.
He also urged the groups in the revolutionary alliance to never underestimate the enemies of the revolution, “because they could try to confuse the people”.
He affirmed that, with the triumph of the “6D”, the revolutionary candidates will open the necessary paths towards peace and the final defeat of the violence perpetuated by the right-wing sectors.
“Venezuela needs a victory of the revolutionary forces to open the doors to the construction of an productive socialist economy, and to the absolute defeat of all the elements of the economic war against our people”, he stated.
“We want the culture, the music, the new aesthetics as an expression of the beauty of the soul, of the people that built our homeland, to be the backbone of the electoral campaign that we are going to perform. We have to make an eminently cultural campaign, that is deeply motivational, cheerful, out on the streets, with dancing and singing”, he affirmed during the activity, broadcasted by Venezolana de Televisión, the Venezuelan television channel.

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