HAITI. Port-au-Prince Declaration of Rejection to the MINUSTAH

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Haitians express their rejection for the presence of the occupation troops of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH)


Source: HaitiNoMINUSTAH.info / Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn / October 13, 2015


UN troops in Haiti
UN troops in Haiti

Gathered in Port-au-Prince, this October 7th, 2015, and invited by the political party Rašín Kan Pep La and the Haitian Platform to Advocate Alternative Development (PAPDA), the present national and foreign organizations wish to express their rejection for the presence of the occupation troops of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), that for 11 years have caused enormous damage and have systematically, massively and permanently violated fundamental rights of the Haitian people, forging alliances with reactionary and anti-democratic forces, contributing to the destruction of the republican institutions in our country, suppressing attempts of popular mobilization and aggravating the social crisis that corrodes Haiti for over 50 years.

The organizations signing this statement come from the most diverse sectors and represent feminist movements, youth associations, peasant movements, trade union sectors, communal associations, cooperatives and solidarity committees that have decided to work actively for the liberation of our country and against all forms of occupation.
During the conference in July, 2015, we analyzed, in depth, the historical factors that explain the process of implementation and continuity of the domination mechanisms that since 1915 have gradually transformed Haiti into a neo-colony of the United States.

The US, along with the active collaboration of the other imperialist centers, took strategic areas of decision through controlling the political system and the establishment of public policies.
After the departure of the Marines in 1934, the figures of the “Financial Adviser” and “Customs Collector” (both held by US citizens) openly remained, holding a key role in the management and allocation of resources of our country until 1947. Currently, this protection is exerted by the representatives of international financial institutions (IMF, WB, IDB) and by State Department officials and the European Commission.

The persistence of the strategies of predation, looting and disintegration of institutions, actively managed and organized by sectors of the oligarchy and the Haitian political class, has conditioned the evolution of the country and fueled a systemic crisis. Therefore it is essential to think about the presence of foreign military troops in a more global context of domination, which some authors have named “the geopolitics of full spectrum dominance”.


“Ak bòt bot ou san bòt okipasyon an toujou la”

“With or without boots boots , the occupation is always there”


This reflection allowed to illuminate 100 years of occupation and domination, its characteristics in the geopolitical context of the Caribbean and Central America, and the various forms of the renewal of formulas, especially the ideology of the “failed state” and the “promotion of democracy”. This analysis also showed the role of debt as a financial trap to control strategic resources and continue the constant marginalization of the masses.


Declaration of Port-au-Prince
We, organizations and Haitian social and political movements and solidarity groups gathered in July and October, 2015, believe that:

Haiti must return to the defense of freedom and the globalization of human rights based on the epic of 1758-1804 and the remarkable process of struggle and resistance that the popular classes have opposed to all forms of domination, predatation and looting since the early nineteenth century.

We must strengthen dialogue and exchange between the popular movements throughout the region of Central America and the Caribbean who suffer the same attacks on national projects and liberation struggles. In this regard, today, new initiatives of destabilization coming from the most conservative sectors supported by imperialist forces must be identified, unmasked and combated.

During the last 100 years, the country has experienced all sorts of ways of plundering its resources on several levels: financial plundering, over-exploitation of labor, massive exportation of laborers to the centers of capitalist production in the region, looting of cultural property, destruction of patrimony, selling of natural resources.

This process resulted in a scandalous social polarization that explains the enrichment of the oligarchy, the outsourcing of the accumulation, and of course, the process of dramatic impoverishment of the masses and the collapse of national structures. The payment of the debt of independence, the theft of the gold reserves of the country on December 17th, 1914, in addition to the McDonald’s or Shada type of contracts, the killing of Creole pigs in the early 80s, are key events that illustrate the brutality and the persistence of the looting process.

Currently, along with the military occupation troops of the MINUSTAH, the country lives a humiliating situation with the total loss of control of the decision-making spaces, tragically illustrated by the conduct of the elections of 2015 which clearly confirms that the Haitian People have lost the right to elect their representatives thanks to the domestication of an electoral apparatus that is in the hands of dark forces, and who are decided to sabotage any process of democratic institutionalization. The elections of August 9, and the outlook for the ones on October 25, supported by the imperialist powers, demonstrate the complexity of the work that is left to do, and the urgency of the need to implement a firm process that leads us to self-determination .


We demand:

➢ The immediate withdrawal of troops from MINUSTAH.

➢ UN recognition of their criminal responsibility for the introduction of cholera in Haiti.

➢ Compensation and psychosocial support to victims of rape and sexual exploitation

➢ Compensation for private university and school students due of the occupation of their campus, schools and colleges by UN troops for several years.

➢ Compensation for families who have lost one or more members since October 10th, 2010 because of the cholera epidemic .

➢ Compensation for the 800,000 victims affected by the cholera epidemic since October 10th, 2010 .

➢ Compensation for the damage caused to the country by the stigma associated with the epidemic and all economic and financial losses associated with the presence of this epidemic.

➢ Investments on appropriate measures to eradicate the disease as quickly as possible .

➢ The building of adequate infrastructure for universal access to drinking water for all the Haitian people.

➢ A proper indictment by all the corresponding instances against the troops of MINUSTAH and the mending for the crimes against humanity committed in the last 11 years of occupation.


We call for international solidarity:

➢ To continue the denounce processes that allow to bring the true role of the UN mission in Haiti to light.

➢ To continue the denunciation of the so-called “plans to combat cholera” announced by the United Nations. In fact, on May 27, 2014, Sandra Honoré pompously announced the establishment of a “high-level Committee for the elimination of cholera in Haiti,” which is a demagogic maneuver and brutal media manipulation, while Haitians continue to die of cholera today, in October, 2015.

➢ To continue the campaign demanding the complete withdrawal of MINUSTAH troops.

➢ We also request the establishment of solidarity and reconstruction brigades in various sectors identified as priorities, replicated the model of cooperation used with Cuba in the field of health.

We are committed to fight for the withdrawal of MINUSTAH troops and the construction of social and political patriotic organisms that will work effectively for the recovery of our sovereignty and the defense of our right to self-determination.


Port-au-Prince, October 7, 2015

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