VENEZUELA. The IMF is preparing an economic shock against Venezuela

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A leaked conversation reveals plans between right-wing Venezuelan politicians and the IMF to implement an economic coup against the Government.

By Érika Ortega Sanoja / / The Dawn / October 16, 2015


An audio released by the President of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello, in his TV program ‘Con el mazo dando’, unveiled the plan of tycoon Lorenzo Mendoza and former minister of former neoliberal President Carlos Andrés Pérez, Ricardo Hausmann, to mortgage the country through a new external debt.

This shows the cruelest side of the economic project of the Venezuelan bourgeoisie, which is not troubled by negotiating with one of organizations that are responsible of  causing poverty all around the world.

To pact with the IMF would mean subjecting Venezuelans to social adjustment measures that would lead the nation back to its worst days of the so-called Fourth Republic, which preceded the Bolivarian Revolution.

We are familiar to this kind of recipes: eliminating social missions; freeing interest rates; privatizing education, health, water and electricity; abolishing the current Labour Act and the most important trophy: selling Venezuela’s Oil and the 300,000 million barrels of that can be obtained, with current technology, in Orinoco Petroleum Belt.


The people involved


Ricardo Hausmann was one of the main ideologues of the neoliberal shock plan applied in Venezuela during the second term of President Carlos Andrés Pérez, that brought about a social phenomenon known as El Caracazo, where thousands of people took to the streets to protest against the government.


Between February 27 and March 1, 1989, the Armed Forces and the security forces of the country were sent to stop the social explosion that, for many, constituted the first outcry against neoliberalism in the world.

Around 3,000 dead and a high number of injuries were reported in those days. Many of those killed had to be buried in mass graves in the Southern General Cemetery in a place known as La Peste (The Plague).


Lorenzo Mendoza, owner and CEO of Empresas Polar, monopolic food producers in the country, stopped the company’s machines for more than 60 days between December and January 2002, with the aim of overthrowing the government of Hugo Chavez. Many in the opposition see him as the opposition candidate against chavism.

The plan to sell to Venezuela by pieces is mounted. It is no coincidence that the Bank of America has joined the conspiracy against Venezuela -they shamelessly said that they see a favorable time “for a transition in Venezuela”. Nor it is a small matter that transnational capital is plotting against the homeland of Bolívar.

Hausmann himself mentions Mexican banker and IMF’s managing director for the Western Hemisphere Alejandro Werner as a member of the plan., the Mexican banker Alejandro Werner, with whom he has talked about the Venezuelan situation and who has shown, in turn, a great interest for what is happening in the country.

The struggle for spreading this serious threat to the international community, but mainly to the Bolivarian Venezuela, lies in the seriousness of what is at stake in the upcoming elections on December 6, when the deputies of the National Assembly will be chosen.
We have said it before: a neoliberal government will not end our problems, it will deepen them. And worst of all is that the only way for the right to implement their project of submission to the International Monetary Fund will be through direct and savage repression against our people. Unfortunately, we have a painful memory of those kind of methods.

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