The restructuring of the dominant block in Colombia

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Source: / The Dawn / October 26, 2015-. The regional elections that just took place this October 25th in Colombia confirm without a shadow of doubt what ANNCOL had predicted: that they would be used by the dominant caste to recompose the counter-insurgent block of power in Colombia.

Two dark announcements anticipated this:

One. The document written by the 21 unions of Colombia, and presented with great fanfare before President Juan Manuel Santos, giving a poisoned support to the Peace Process in Havana but, at the same time, presenting a Peace Process completely different of the current one.

TWO. The cryptic message from President Santos, delivered by the sympathizing communication media shortly before the elections, in which he said that “the elected mayors and governors will have the task of managing the Post-conflict”

This little message forced the politicians, clientelists and contractors interested in the “Peace Contracts Fair” (now officially called “Post-Conflict”), to conduct a typical Colombian election: littered with electoral offenses, particularly vote migration, electoral documents falsification, multi-million vote purchase, manipulation of polls and the shameless participation of the overall winner, Vargas Lleras —who is behind a great amount of the election’s winners— from his official seat of Vice President and who, under the benevolent eyes of President Santos, has become the definitive referee that has ended with the long and ruthless dispute over power between the fractions of the dominant block, between Uribe Vélez and Santos.

A judicial war was also conducted against the “Clear Left”, by the christian leader Ordoñez.

All of the elected ones, without exception, are a result of obscure manipulations and alliances forged between groups of contractors, with slogans that remind of an automobile repair shop, like “Safety, efficiency and reliability”, “We work for You”, etc. All of them interested in their share of the avalanche of cash in dollars and euros that will allegedly flow into Colombia “once peace is signed”, according to Santos.

After the elections, Uribe Vélez and Santos’ teams have lost important administrations. The winner is clearly Vargas Lleras, who legitimized himself on a national scale with the resulted numbers. He also imposes the questioned and corrupt Peñalosa as Mayor of Bogotá, who will act as a horse of Troy between the unions and the neoliberal entrepreneurs and will definitely build the neoliberal paradise for the millionaire contracts of the Post-conflict. With the support of the economic interests, Vargas Lleras will be imposed to the public opinion as the next president of Colombia, who will unquestionably be the one in charge of imposing the neoliberal and transnational vision of the Post-Conflict proposed by the productive-sector unions in their last document, in accord with the US South Command.


Photo: Germán Vargas Lleras

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