Guatemala: Jimmy Morales reassured that he will fight corruption

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Source: / The Dawn / October 26, 2015-. After the popular uprising that prematurely ended the term of Pérez Molina, people massively attended the elections to vote… for the same corrupt model they just threw out.

The candidate for the National Convergence Front (Spanish: Frente de Convergencia Nacional, FCN), Jimmy Morales, won the presidential elections in Guatemala with more than two million votes. This Sunday, Morales announced that one of his priorities will be a “zero-tolerance” towards corruption policy, after recent cases of corruption that caused the popular uprising against the previous government. “Our priorities are clear: medicaments for the hospitals, the fight against chronic malnourishment, schooldays, support for the people who produce, security and zero-tolerance towards corruption”, Morales said. The leader of the FCN thanked those who “voted with trust towards the future, it has been a courageous and hopeful vote”, after receiving more than two million votes in the second election round, held last Sunday.

“Many voted to ensure that things are as they should be, it has been a courageous vote and is clear that corruption must end. I make call to all society, to build together this new reality”. he expressed. The future head of State, who will assume functions on January, 2016, was elected with 67.43% of the votes, while his contender, Sandra Torres, reached the 32.57% of the total.

New Executive
Morales said that, on Monday, he will announce his transition team, while the new permanent government cabinet will be announced “between the second and third week of December”, within the time frame established by the electoral calendar. For that, he said, they will start a methodical selection process.
He sent a message to Central American countries to “work hand in hand to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of our countries and make this a safe region”.
Morales will assume functions on January 14, 2016, date when the temporary President, Alejandro Maldonado, will finish the term which corresponded to Otto Pérez Molina, who had to quit for being implicated in the major government corruption scandal called “La línea”.
Who is Jimmy Morales?
Jimmy Morales, aged 46, is married and father of four children. He defines himself as an “entrepreneur, university teacher, communicator, academic, philanthropic and a politician”. His profile is clearly conservative: his principles include “family” and “fear of God”.
Morales is publicly known as a comedian. He became famous with his show “Moralejas”, which was on air for 15 years. He is advised by the same military and entrepreneurial sectors as the former President Otto Pérez Molina, who is currently serving time for corruption. Analysts consider that the presidency of Morales will mean a continuity of the same corrupted model that the people threw out.
He is also criticized for his “humoristic” sketches in which he mocked indigenous communities, validating the repression against this and other popular sectors, and for his firm opposition to abortion, lack of respect for sexual diversity and other human rights.
Sources from the campaign team of the FCN also stated that Morales intends to cut social programs. During an interview with Contra Poder magazine, one of the economic advisors of the comedian, José Ramón Lam, declared that, if Morales won, he would limit the benefits of social programs aimed at people in extreme poverty.
He also intends to reform the existing programs in order to avoid “a clientelist model”.


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