Dilma expresses her support for the MST and the Agrarian Reform, says it is essential for Brazil

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Source: Resumen Latinoamericano / October 26, 2015


President Dilma Rousseff, said in a video message sent to the 1st National Exhibition of Agrarian Reform, that “agrarian reform must be an essential struggle for building the developed Brazil we dream of”.


The fair, held at Parque da Água Branca, São Paulo, from October 22 to 25, is organized by the Movement of Landless Workers (Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra, MST) and gathers 800 farmers from settlements from over 23 states of the Federal District. The aim of the fair is to show the products of family farming and raise awareness in society about organic food.


Dilma said that land reform “that we want and that we are doing” guarantees “access to land and ensures support for sustainable production, creates fair marketing channels and ensures quality of life for the families of the settlements” .


In 2015, the federal government settled 15,000 families that were living in camps. According to Minister of Agrarian Development, Patrus Ananias, who recently submitted a plan of land reform to the president, the government aims to provide settlement to all the families of the Landless Brazilian camping. The plan would cover about 120 thousand families and it is expected to be completed at the end of 2018.


In her video message, Dilma Rousseff says that, in the last 12 years, the federal government and the MST together built the foundations that allowed Brazil to abandon the Hunger Map of the UN.


“We overcame this historical wound, combining a social safety net capable of effectively serve those who need more, with well-structured support policies for our small farmers”, noted the president.


Dilma said that the government and the movement are “ready to take over a new task: to ensure real food for the people of the countryside and the cities”. “Let’s get over this challenge, maintaining and expanding rights of our population and with more stimuli to sustainable food production, to invest in agro-ecology and in more work for all”.


The president noted that the first edition of the National Agrarian Reform Fair “shows that the MST and the peasants of Brazil are ready to continue starring in the process of building a more just nation, ensuring healthy food for all citizens and encouraging the necessary recognition to those who produce”.


Dilma said that the initiative “is further proof of the remarkable power of organization of the productive forces and the competence of the workers of our country.”


“In the coming days, everyone visiting Parque de Água Branca will have access to quality food and a variety of flavors, coming from all corners of the country. By experiencing the typical dishes from all regions, you will feel why we should celebrate that we are a country with regional flavors and why we should be proud of our family farming”.


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