PARAGUAY. Final Statement of the 1st Meeting of Progressive Intellectuals of Paraguay

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Source: Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn / November 1, 2015

In Asunción’s Council, between October 31st and November 1st, 2015, 200 years from the Independence, we the participants of the 1st Meeting of Progressive Intellectuals of Paraguay, after debating and exchanging ideas and analyses of the regional, national and worldwide realities, make this statement:

We support and extend our solidarity to the student movement and rebellions in Paraguay, to peasant struggles for democratization of land tenure, to union struggles, to mobilizations against neoliberal, anti democratic policy and against the policy of criminalization of peoples’ struggles by the ruling regime in the country.

We denounce ethnocide and ecocide implemented by the government of Horacio Cartes against peoples and nations, in flagrant violation of the national laws and international agreements, in order to impose the extractive soy model that comes with mass destruction of Mother Nature.

We are against any type of violence and discrimination against women; psychological, physical, economic, cultural and labor.

Humanity is at a critical time. We reject wars of aggression, invasions of States, violence spread by capitalism all over the planet in its neoliberal phase, the constant danger under which the security of the entire global population and international peace is put. Economically, the current system is a mechanism of injustice, exclusion and appropriation by a transnational minority who holds ownership of planetary wealth, in a system that is inseparable from violence deployed against all humanity.

It is necessary to save our planet, our home,  from the destruction of ecosystems, the accelerating degradation of biodiversity, the indiscriminate use of natural resources driven by developed States, mainly responsible for climate change with its model of predatory production and the destruction of food sovereignty by conglomerates of transnational corporations.

Peoples and governments are building alternatives to this system of violence, of destruction and exclusion by democratizing economic, trade and financial relations for the recovery of shared sovereignty, self-determination, international peace, and by creating blocs and institutions that act as a counterweight to the neoliberal hegemony and as a guarantee for a multipolar world.

The current US offensive, together with the regional right, to stop and, if possible, dismantle the processes of regional integration, constitutes a danger to the stability of the entire region and peace of the people.

We support and express our solidarity with the efforts of transformation and regional integration of Latin American governments and peoples as an essential element for sustainable endogenous development of economic and political sovereignty and food sovereignty.

We reject all forms of colonialism and neocolonialism. We express our solidarity with the struggle of the Argentine people for the recovery of sovereignty over the Malvinas and the defense of its national and popular project. Likewise, we express our support for the Palestinian struggle in favor of their Statehood and self-determination.

We express our solidarity with the democratic government and people of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, harassed by policies of aggression and destabilization by media corporations and the United States.

We express our support to the struggle led by the Bolivian people and government, in favor of respect for mother nature, climate change, food sovereignty and the preservation of the planet.

We declare our solidarity with the Cuban people and government, who continue to suffer the illegal US blockade after over fifty years. We demand the United States to respect international law and lifting the blockade as demanded by the international community at the UN.

We struggle for peace in Colombia, for the resolution of the armed conflict that has lasted over fifty years, for the opportunity for the Colombian people and the peoples of the region to continue building peace and regional integration.

Finally, the Assembly pays tribute to Paraguayan thinkers and intellectuals committed to social change and the causes of the oppressed, including Emilio Pérez Chávez, Ananías Maidana, Augusto Roa Bastos, Luis Casabianca, Tomás Palau and Juan Díaz Bordenave.


Asunción, Paraguay, November 1, 2015

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