Venezuela. General Kelly: praying is not enough

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By Carlos Aznárez / Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn / October 31, 2015.

There is not a day in which the international groups of power do not attack the Bolivarian Revolution, whether it is through the constant lies of corporate media, that often invent realities at their convenience in their attempt to intoxicate readers, listeners or viewers, or by direct intervention of U.S. officials, to inject seeds of discord against the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

Undoubtedly, when the local opposition has no clue on how to win at the polls, and has no proposals or leadership, it is always more comfortable for them to make room for the foreign forces to apply a “destabilizing doctrine” to “illuminate” the road. We saw this clearly when the duo of “widows” of the coup, the wife of former Mayor Ledezma and the wife of Leopoldo Lopez, got the support of Felipe González, the number one of the Spanish Terrorist State, and dedicated themselves to implant in several countries the idea that “Venezuela suffers a terrible dictatorship”.

However, as usually happens in each of their thrusts, they failed. Felipe had to devote himself to answer to allegations of corruption and other criminal actions that took place in his own country, rather than worrying about the illusory “violations of human rights” in Venezuela.

Now, it is up to both the U.S. General, John Kelly, Commander Chief of the South, the new hawks of foreign policy, Barack Obama, who carelessly affirmed his concern about Venezuela’s economic policy, and speaks of a “humanitarian crisis” that a wide part of the population allegedly suffers. In this way, Kelly is leaving an open door to a possible military intervention, in favour of a so-called “humanitarian aid” for those who have not asked for it. Kelly is saying that, as the situation is so complicated, a social implosion could begin, and Washington will have to intervene.

Beyond this evident intention of interventionism, it is worth noting that, when the Pentagon begins a violence climb to whom he considers his enemies —and we know that Venezuela is an enemy because of what it means as a revolutionary force for the whole Latin American continent—, they are willing to use many tactics ranging from economic harassment to the indirect approach in military terms.

The first phase, aimed at producing an internal wear-down crisis, was a proven recipe in Salvador Allende’s Chile, and has been running intensively in Venezuela for several years, emphasizing the economic war and generating shortages with the complicity of local agents of the opposition and also with the support of neighboring governments, as is the case of Colombia and Guyana. All these steps have already been taken, but the strong leadership of President Maduro and an open and purposeful strategy of self-defense raised by the Venezuelan people have prevented the “collapse” that is announced by the “generals” of media terrorism.

Hence, now the Empire requires the services of General Kelly, a figure of notorious warmongering history in Iraq, where he served as commander of the Marines in one of the hardest stages in which North America’s criminal power unleashed all its cruelty on the population, generating detention centers like Abu Ghraib, where they tortured and murdered Iraqi citizens who opposed the intervention.

In recent statements, Kelly spoke ominously of the Bolivarian process and showed a strict compliance with the rules proposed as “Strategic instructions” by Obama in his document “Maintaining global superiority: Priority for defense in the XXI Century”, that set the ground rules that will govern the U.S. actions on the geopolitical and military field in each of the countries of the world where they are to intervene.

As part of these initiatives, doors are open for the Southern Command to intervene in events of “natural disaster” or “humanitarian intervention” of a higher scale, to ‘help’ countries that are suffering from famine or other variations resulting from severe economic crisis. For example: the blatant presence of US Marines and UN troops (MINUSTAH) in Haiti, repudiated by the population. Or the countless “civilian-military missions” ejected by the Southern Command in Peru, Honduras, Paraguay, Guatemala and other countries, under the guise of “helping”.

These days, Kelly is pointing precisely to that aim, using an explicit mandate given by Venezuelan opposition sectors, which eventually will be judged for treason for selling out to the imperial powers. Firstly, they are architects of the economic war, which quickly generated a campaign of “international” complaint and then, they straight out call for the “savior” intervention of their sponsors in Washington. This attempt to close the circle of the US political-economic and military power is scheduled for a country that they aim to deprive of its oil wealth.

However, all these maneuvers are still hitting something in the heads of these strategists and pierces their limited understanding. The Venezuelan people, like their Cuban neighbors, are unwilling to return to the past. The Bolivarian men and women have put, in all these years, a lot of effort and even blood to build, first along with Commander Hugo Chavez and now under the leadership of Nicolas Maduro, a solid revolutionary, anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist ideology. But also, if its enemies try to unsettle Venezuela in a more violent way, throughout the territory there are enough weapons in hands of both the Bolivarian Armed Forces and the popular militia, to defend themselves against Kelly, Kerry and the rest of the internal lackeys. As it is said in every act or shouted in every street: Venezuela must be respected, by hook or by crook, but they will not pass.

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