Opposition wants to install a possible scenario of electoral fraud in Venezuela

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Source: TeleSurTV.net / The Dawn / November 2, 2015


Political scientist Francisco Rodriguez Landaeta said that the opposition’s strategy for the upcoming parliamentary elections, on December 6th, is based on not acknowledging the results.

The electoral strategy of the opposition for the Parliamentary elections on December 6th in Venezuela, is focused on generating a stream of opinion on the existence of fraud if they do not get the results they want, said political scientist Francisco Rodriguez Landaeta.

In an interview with TeleSUR Open Agenda, the analyst said that this sector uses polls to show a favorable outcome for the opposition, but upon learning that they will not get the majority they start speaking about electoral fraud.

Landaeta argued that, in the upcoming elections, the opposition wants to use the so called “punishment vote“, that is, getting supporters by proposing that they will fix the points where Government must improve. However, he considered that, despite the situation, the Venezuelans have shown support for the socialist project.


In the upcoming parliamentary elections of December 6th, Venezuelans will elect 165 deputies for the period 2016-2021.

The analyst pointed out that the voter knows that, if the opposition wins, social policies are in danger. Additionally, he said that the opposition sector in Venezuela is governed by a political program that they do not disclose, that is focused “on a neoliberal model”.


Landaeta said that the strategy is based on the lack of certainty there is about the results of the election, “they know they are betting everything”. he said.
He remembered that those who now intend to occupy seats in the National Assembly, are the same ones who supported the Guarimbas —violent actions carried out by the right in Venezuela throughout 2014—, which were meant to fail.
“The chavista voters will not jeopardize the social gains that have been achieved in the last 15 years”, said the political scientist, while noting that the challenge of the new Parliament is in exploring mechanisms to continue to deepen the socialist project.

Finally, he added that the electoral system in Venezuela is one of the safest and most transparent ones in an international scale, due to the number of suppliers and processes that have been made, so he considers as a fact that this system is heavily armored, “the possibility of fraud is quite remote, if not impossible”.

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