Haiti. Three days of popular protest in rejection of electoral fraud and repression

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Source: cdn.com.do / The Dawn / November 11, 2015.

The National Movement for the Popular Opposition (MONOP) announced three days of protests in the Haitian capital, from November 11 to 13, against the publication of the election results.

The political group Renmen Ayiti also announced a peaceful march on Thursday November 12 against the publication.

Electoral Officers have formed a commission to address and deal with allegations of electoral fraud, but only candidates Maryse Narcisse —from the Lavasse party, of former President Jean Bertrand Aristide— and Wally Désence, candidate for the minority party Meksepa, formally deposited their answers before the national electoral.

The officialist government candidate Jovenel Moise and Jude Celestin from the party of former President Rene Preval, will compete in a runoff.

Célestin has already threatened with not participating in the second round of elections in Haiti because he says he is unhappy with the results. Moise, 47, won 32.81% of the vote and Celestin, 53, got 25.27% in the first round, which took place on 25 October.


Press statement from the National Movement for the Popular Opposition:

For nearly three decades the main and essential components of the Haitian people, the workers, the peasants and the different socio-professional categories (teachers, health workers, lawyers, shopkeepers, etc) and the rural and urban masses have been struggling to maintain an active presence in the political scene, in particular through participation in elections. This active presence translates, above all, in their commitment to improve living conditions and their struggle against the excessive concentration of wealth in the hands of a minority which makes Haiti the most unequal society throughout the Americas.

The obsession of the oligarchic groups from the current government and its international guardians is depriving the Haitian people of their ability to choose their political leaders by intoxicating public opinion with manipulated media coverage of surveys, organizing a massive fraud in the last elections and repressing popular protest against the manufactured results, in an attempt to maintain the political and socio-economic status quo at all costs.

Currently, a race against the clock is being launched to allow them to continue enjoying their privileges, squandering the country’s resources and reproducing the vicious circle of exclusion. Therefore, it goes beyond the matter of the results published by CEP (the electoral council) in hands of the enemies of the people, the ruling party, the ruling oligarchic clans and the countries of the “Core Group” that have called on the government to intensify repression.

In this situation, our people and our country are still searching for their ways. On the one hand, multinationals, their agents and their local intermediaries want to access the enormous treasure of Haiti to hand them to unscrupulous predators without any sense of solidarity with the people. Furthermore, workers, peasants, and professionals are the most affected groups, and are penalized by the high cost of living and chronic unemployment. Local communities demand that their claims are taken into account, by constituting a social and political force.

While the price of essential goods is constantly increasing, inflation continues to rise; while the national currency loses value against the US dollar, the latest outrageous measures, like the privileges granted to the President, ministers and secretaries of State, demonstrate once again the will of those in power to continue plundering the coffers of the Republic that have been already substantially emptied. The withdrawal of certain measures announced by Prime Minister should not deceive people; they have simply understood their mistake in allowing their shameless looting to become known by the public. It is an invitation to continue looting the public treasury in secret, without making a sound.

Stop faking our people’s votes!

Stop arrests, detentions and give freedom to all political prisoners;

Stop the planned killings, house fires, and massacres in poor neighborhoods;

We reject the political repression of spontaneous mass movements and political activists.

We reject repression on the legitimate demands of the people;

Stop the looting from the coffers of the Republic;

Stop stealing our taxes

We reject the triumph of the clans favoritism

Stop the transformation of the Haitian political Nation into a Police Nation.

We reject the dictatorial imposition with the pretext of stability and continuity;

We reject the devastating policy of the “international community” in Haiti;

We reject the total liquidation of the national sovereignty

In defense of the democratic achievements and the triumph of social legitimate demands of all peoples, of the social and political sovereignty.

GENERAL STRIKE: 9 and 10 November, 2015 – CItizen Protest:  Wednesday, November 11, 2015, 10 am

Route: From Airport to Carrefour Place Jérémie via Pont Morin

We don’t want this any more!

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