Journalist Union of Venezuela rejects censorship against “Resumen Latinoamericano” director, Carlos Aznárez

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Source: Hoy Venezuela / The Dawn / November 7, 2015.- Solidarity with journalist Carlos Aznárez, director of the portal “Resumen Latinoamericano”

The Union of Popular Journalists and Communicators of Venezuela condemned, in a statement, the legal proceedings that are being conducted by the Delegation of Israeli Associations of Argentina (DAIA), against journalist Carlos Aznárez, director of the portal “Resumen Latinoamericano”.

The DAIA instituted criminal and legal proceedings before the Office of Argentina, accusing the communicator of “discriminatory organization and propaganda” because of his participation in a demonstration of solidarity with the Palestinian people in August 2014.

“Carlos is a journalist dedicated to the defense of human rights of the Palestinian cause and he is being prosecuted by the Zionist community in Buenos Aires because of his struggle. In this lawsuit, they also demanded Google to hand over his private emails and all his information, thus violating the right of journalists to keep their sources secret their privacy as professionals”, said Aurelio Gil, a spokesman for the union.

For his part, journalist Ana María Hernández highlighted the sensitivity of these actions because Google is one of the main tools that journalists use nowadays. “Imagine if each of us was forced, by intimidation of the Zionists, to deliver our sources. That is the danger and the complaint that we are making”.

The Statement of the Union of Popular Journalists and Communicators of Venezuela

The Union of Popular Journalists and Communicators of Venezuela expresses its most energetic condemnation of the actions against journalist Carlos Aznárez, director of the portal “Resumen Latinoamericano”, that the Delegation of Israelite Associations of Argentina (DAIA) has undertaken in Buenos Aires.

They intend to punish Aznárez for exercising his right to inform and defend the just cause of the Palestinian people.

This blow to free speech is of particular importance in that, for the sake of legal action against the director of “Resumen Latinoamericano”, they have pressured Google to deliver all e-mails of the journalist and his medium from 2014 until today, which violates the publicity and the right of every journalist in the world to protect their sources of information.

The Platform Journalists and Communicators of Venezuela condemns this attack against our colleague and human rights activist Carlos Aznánez and calls all democrat journalists on the continent and the world to reject the persecution and aggression which he is being subjected to for defending the Palestinian struggle.

Journalists Union of Cuba express their solidarity with the Director of Resumen Latinoamericano

Cuba, November 2nd, 2015.- The President of UPEC —Union of Journalists of Cuba—, at a meeting held on Monday, November 2nd, approved a statement in solidarity with Argentine journalist Carlos Aznárez, who is victim of a judicial harassment for his sympathies with the Palestinian cause.

The statement is the following:

Carlos Aznárez is an Argentine journalist who has defended, throughout his long existence, the just causes of the peoples of Latin America and the world. He has been identified as a consistent militant since he worked side-by-side to Rodolfo Walsh in the journalist agency called ANCLA (Clandestine News Agency) that fought the military dictatorship in Argentina and currently, his commitment is the struggle for socialism in Latin America —be it the Cuban Revolution or the Bolivarian Revolution— and, as an internationalist, he doesn’t turn his back on what happens in the Middle East —Palestine, Gaza or the West Bank. 22 years ago he founded the publication Resumen Latinoamericano, which has reflected events in the whole region.

These days, from his homeland, an organization is trying to harass Aznárez on his right to inform and publicly express his solidarity with the Palestinian people. An organization for Jewish communities in Argentina —the Delegation of Israeli Associations in the country, known by the acronym DAIA— has launched a criminal action that seeks to hijack all emails from the journalist and director of Resumen Latinoamericano. In short, acts of persecutions in order to restrict his freedom of speech and press.

Cuban journalists feel a special admiration for colleague Carlos Aznárez that goes back many years, because he is an example of dignified and courageous journalism.

The Union of Journalists of Cuba expresses its solidarity with this great friend of the Revolution, which he has always defended in his articles, interviews and in various discussion forums. We condemn the criminal action that has been opened against the Argentine journalist by a so-called NGo that is integrated by jewish communities which, far from their foundation program, attacks a defender of the rights of the Palestinian people, who are being massacred by the army of Israel in the West Bank and Gaza.

The UPEC demands an end to the judicial harassment against this worthy figure of journalism in Latin America.

Journalist Union of Cuba

Havana, November 2, 2015

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