Paraguay: Revolutionary Febrerista Party wins the elections in Asuncion

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Source: / The Dawn / November 15, 2015.- Mario Ferreiro defeated the Colorado Party in one of their historical electoral bastions.

Mario Ferreiro, representative of the Together We Can Alliance (Juntos Podemos) and head of the Revolutionary Febrerista Party (Partido Revolucionario Febrerista, PRF), won the municipal elections with 50.99% of the votes. He defeated the representative of the officialist Colorado Party, Arnaldo Saramiego, who obtained 40.56%.

Through its website, the Superior Electoral Court of Justice transmitted the results after the scrutiny of 99,3 of the voting centers. Therefore, the opposition leader wins the Municipal government of Asunción, the capital of the country.

In an interview with teleSUR, the new Municipal governor of Asunción praised the support he received from the people of Paraguay.

‘It was a very intelligent construction. We came out of a very complicated situation in 2012 [the Parliamentary coup against President Lugo]. The people needed the unity of the opposition to defeat the hegemonic program. We have a city with many problems, but with many opportunities, too’, Ferreiro said.

According to Ferreiro, Paraguayans understood that what is needed is a change in the model, that, according to his program, would be carried out gradually.

From now on, a new political scenario has been established in the country. The opposition must learn from the electorate that unity should be kept. Paraguay has very concrete problems: a few have a lot, and a lot have nothing. This triumph is a positive signal to the Paraguayan democracy’, he asserted.

The Electoral Court also informed that the electoral participation was of 55.8% in the capital. Almost 4 million Paraguayan voted to elect the Mayors and members of the Municipal Council for the period from 2015 to 2020.

They total 250 seats for mayors, 2,640 councillors and 2,640 alternate councillors.


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