Cause Number 7271/15: For the love of Palestine

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By Carlos Aznarez / Source Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn / December 2, 2015. For the love of Palestine. This was the title for the cover of one of the latest editions of our newspaper Resumen Latinoamericano. Yes, for Palestine’s sake, and for its people: they have suffered, they have been pursued, but yet they have never been defeated; this is why many voices in the world, over the last six decades, have raised in solidarity to defend their cause. Or have been willing to report it, as we have, determined to try to break the strict censorship on the subject.

Loving Palestine means wanting from the depths of our hearts that someday the women, men, children and elders of this indomitable land can finally live in peace. To desire that those who inhabit this land, tainted by the invaders, can cultivate their olive trees or fish in their waters —today blocked by ships of war— without it costing them their lives or without having the contempt of the colonizers ignite their crops. Loving Palestine is raising the example set by millions of its best sons and daughters who were forced to go into exile carrying only a key to what, until 1948, were their homes, afterwards destroyed by the conquerors. However, no Palestinian on the “outside” speaks of revenge, but instead with a melancholy that permeates deep into any sensible person, they think of that land as their homeland. They dream of returning to a previous place, without checkpoints nor barbed wire, without walls separating entire families, no tanks or bulldozers, no demolished houses nor so much wrongful death, sometimes in Gaza, others in the West Bank.

Precisely for the love I have for Palestine and for having devoted a great part of my life as to fight for human rights and to journalism, is that the Delegation of Argentine Jewish Associations (DAIA), which arrogates to itself the representation of the Jewish community (although many of its members have detached from it), wants me in the dock. However, I am convinced that what they really want to judge is not only me as a person, but a united, peaceful but firm, internationalist solidarity movement; a solidarity towards people who need us, and who everyday need voices to defend them. And silence happens precisely because of the pressure that is exercised from these institutions, from the censorship and self-censorship that is generated around a war that so simple to understand and so complicated to solve.


Over the last five decades as a journalist and activist for justice and freedom of the people, I have endeavored to make the oppressors speech not bend us, and with this same goal in mind, and taking into account the urgent need of the Palestinian people and all Arab nations subjugated for their demands for freedom and justice to be heard, I have written, I have spoken and I have stood up in every media outlet with whom I have worked, against the aberrant violations of their fundamental rights. I know this same actions have been and will be carried out by many people of the Jewish community here in Argentina and in State of Israel itself, because they do not support the pain that is caused to a sister nation with which, before the onset of the catastrophe, they used to share the sun, bread and water.


In face of the criminal case that has been opened by the Delegation of Israeli Associations Argentina (DAIA) against me, and therefore against the communications platform that I have been running for more than 22 years, I have been summoned to an inquest hearing on 9 December at 9.30 pm in the Office 25. On the other hand I wish to acknowledge the many expressions of solidarity and support that I am receiving from comrades and friends of Argentina and around the world, who understand clearly that this trial is trying to “discipline” thought, and muzzle the freedom of expression, opinion and privacy that any journalist must be determined to defend. In particular, I’m deeply grateful to all my colleagues from across the continent who have sent me their affection and their repudiation against those who attempt to silence solidarity demonstrations. Also, I send a fraternal greeting to human rights organizations and press associations and other activities that have stood firmly in defense of my position on this political persecution.

Finally, I reiterate the conviction that, against these attitudes of intolerance and overt discrimination against those who sympathize with the Palestinian people and accompany their desire for peace, justice and independence, it is essential to assert our right to express ourselves without fear. We are accompanied by many around the world that are strengthened by the love for a people that every day gives lessons of dignity to the world.

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Criminal Cause is opened against the Director of “Resumen Latinoamericano”, because of his solidarity with the Palestine People


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