Brazil: Support for Dilma Rousseff increases in face of the impeachment

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Source: / The Dawn / December 11, 2015.- Many organizations have expressed their intention to take to the streets in support of the President.

Social movements, trade unions, university rectors, lawyers and intellectuals, among other sectors, have expressed their condemnation to the impeachment against Brazil’s President, Dilma Rousseff, in response of right’s deputies claims that threaten democracy in the country.

Through press releases and statements, some representatives of associations have expressed support for Rousseff and condemned the attempts by the conservative right to terminate her mandate.

The national President of the Central Unica dos Trabalhadores (Worker’s Union, CUT), Vagner Freitas, reported an agreement between unions and social groups to mobilize on  December 16 and condemn the actions detrimental to the President; besides demanding the impeachment of Eduardo Cunha, President of Chamber of Deputies.

“We will take to streets of Sao Paulo to defend the mandate of the head of State, which means the continuation of social programs and other gains achieved by workers over the past 13 years”, Freitas said.

Along with the representatives of the CUT were the spokesmen of Brazilian Workers (CTB) and of the Interunions, of the Rural Workers’ Movement (MST); of the Brazil’s Landless (MTST) and of the National Student Union (UNE).

The president of the UNE, Carina Vitral, says it is important that organizations remain vigilant, and organize daily demonstrations to counter those trying to gain power through unconstitutional means.

Vitral notes that Rousseff’s impeachment  has no “legal basis” and is “motivated by opportunistic and vindictive reasons”. She does not hesitate in qualifying it as coup attempt against the constitutional order.

More solidarity


Meanwhile, rectors of 41 universities and technical institutes passed on a letter to the head of Civil House, Ricardo Berzoini, to reiterate their support of Rousseff and to protest against the trial.

“We strongly manifest our position against any attempt to sequestrate democracy”, reads a fragment of the document, according to news portal Prensa Latina.


Similarly, the Brazil Popular Front, which brings together social, popular, women’s organizations; together, to stand by Rousseff.


Brazilian intellectuals and local jurists have issued separate manifestos in which they censored the Parliamentary coup attempt against the head of State, demanding respect for the democratic process and removal of authority from Lower House.

Lula Da Silva denounces coup attempt against Rousseff


Source TeleSur / The Dawn / December 10, 2015


For the former President of Brazil, what is at stake is not only the head of State’s mandate, but also the whole democratic system of the South American Giant.


Former Brazilian President, Luis Inácio Lula da Silva said on Wednesday that opening the trial against president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff is an explicit coup attempt.

In his view, the decision announced by President of the Chamber of Deputies, Eduardo Cunha, responds to special interests.

In the framework of the International Conference of the German Social Democratic Party (SPD), held in Berlin, Lula said this this decision is unconstitutional and that it was made through lists and by a secret ballot of members of the Special Commission that will evaluate the application for trial.


“We already have a political crisis and an economic crisis, and now a crisis of allegations of corruption that fills news media in the country” said Lula.


Former president and leader of Workers Party of Brazil (PT) stated that what is at stake is not only the Head of State’s mandate, but also the Brazilian democratic system.


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