In Paraguay there is a People that Manifests itself in Different Ways

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Source Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn / December, 21, 2015.– Ermo Rodriguez, coordinator of the Democratic People’s Congress, argues that the general strike is a way that deepens people’s resistance “against an anti-popular and sell-out government”

– Ermo, right now, what is your view on the national strike? How do you really feel about it, and how do organizations feel about it?

– It is very interesting, there is a deep sense of rejection towards this government led by Horacio Cartes. The fact that we are together in this time of struggle is a message to all those who want to sell out our country,  especially to the government.

– In two and a half years, two strikes. The first looked like a rearticulation of a battered popular movement, in the trade union field and several sectors. What does this strike mean?

– It opens an interesting path of unity, struggle, and alliance. It helps us think about great political achievements in our country. Great is the effort, the sacrifice, we are on the street, in the fight. Paraguay is not as Horacio Cartes says (“easy as a pretty woman”, were his words), easy to sell out, to auction off, to rent.

– The strike is simultaneous with the Mercosur Summit in Paraguay. This is a significant data for other countries

Sure, it is also a message for other countries. A message that the reality painted by Cartes is not our reality. Here there is a people in resistance which manifests itself in different ways.

– From the first general strike nothing concrete has been achieved regarding its demands. What was won then?


– I think we’re starting to realize that the government is traitorous and anti-popular. It is a significant advance in consciousness, apart from the claims; raising the political struggle is very important. The debate raises, positions raises, apart from sitting down at some point for individual claims.


– There is a feeling that one thing are the demands, struggles and resistance of our people and quite another, turning a deaf ear, government’s agenda.


– I think Horacio Cartes did not predict this level of resistance, his government thought “we are here to pass laws, we have some rented parliamentarians on our side” …  But in two years they have found increasing levels of resistance to his government. On the other hand, the Cartes’ policy is: “those who are not with me are against me”, and therefore they use threats, judicialization, and accusations, which also generate awareness and resistance.

It is very clear to the people that their policy is submissive to the world potencies, and, on the other hand, offers the people only crumbs and project houses. Our demonstrations are also a clear message that reveals what this sell-out policies and this repression means.


– So when and, by what means, will we achieve our social demands?


– A way of reaching those demands is being seeked, the Paraguayan people is very sensible, and we will surely we will find the path that will lead us to better moments, better days, days of great change.


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