Mexico and Honduras, Latin America’s countries with more journalists killed in 2015

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Source / The Dawn / December 24, 2015.  The Commission of Investigation of Crimes Against Journalists of the Latin American Federation of Journalists (CIAP-Felap) prepared a report on murders and attacks on journalists in Latin America during 2015. Mexico tops the list with 14 deaths and two missing.

The report noted that Honduras, where there were ten journalists killed violently thiis year, is in second place. This has become an everyday situation in the Central American nation after the 2009 coup. Following Honduras are Brazil in 3rd place with 8 murders, Colombia with 5 murders, and Guatemala with 3.

Haiti, Paraguay and Dominican Republic share the 6th place with one journalist murdered each.

While other countries in the region did not record any media worker killed, at regional level the murder of 43 journalists in 2015, represents an increase of 60% over 2006.

In total, in these ten years, there are 342 communicators murders in 17 different Latin American countries. In that scale, Mexico and Honduras also reached the first and second place respectively. In the Aztec country, 123 journalists have been killed, while in Honduras there were 53 victims.

The Felap informed that also in this information “enforced disappearance”are not being considered, due to the fact that they are harder to track because of “families’ fears of denouncing them”.  

The agency reported that the number of murdered journalists is still rising in some countries, “victims of a vicious new upsurge of terrorism against journalists and media workers, promoted by the highest levels of power in a generally corrupt political class almighty in local, municipal, provincial, state, departmental scale and even in senior positions in national and federal levels”.

Finally, the paper notes that 87% of journalists killed doing their jobs locally and more than half were working online.

The website Telesur stressed in this regard that “in the register of the nations with journalists killed in 2015 are not found neither Venezuela, Argentina nor Ecuador, countries that some accused of not offering guarantees to those who practice this profession”.


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