Statement of the RASIN popular party on electoral crisis

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Source: / The Dawn / December 22, 2015.- The domination system came to an end. Let’s work to free ourselves from 100 years of occupation!

Throughout 2015, the electoral matter dominated the country’s situation. The ruling class, in complicity with the ‘international community’ —today’s nickname for ‘imperialist countries’— does not understand the behavior and evolution of popular masses. They always think the same, no matter how much time goes by. They confuse the momentaneous silence of the masses with an inability to think. Therefore, they want to do as they did in 2010, in 2015. They can not understand the fact that the masses reject the cheap democracy that they want to impose. Since the election of 1990, the masses have never again mobilized to accompany the ruling class on that way, and the same happened in almost all subsequent elections. Over 60% of the voting-age population was not involved in those electoral farces.


While the masses reject the electoral farce of August 9 and October 25, they also understand that they have to rebel against the current draft of continuity, which means continuing with the country’s decline. The Rasin* Popular Party salutes the huge protests that forced the imperialist forces and the oligarchy to suspend the continuity of the macabre project of the Martelly/Paul government. We salute the decision of the mobilized masses that in unity stated clearly that the country is not private property of the State Department nor of the Martelly family. They clearly spoke up against the legal bandits’ project which aims to continuing selling out, liquidating all of the country’s wealth and preparing to install a dictatorship for the Population, to endorse all illegal decrees and repression. The people say no to the repression that they want to impose again on the country. The people clearly reject corruption. The Rasin Popular Party salutes the courage of everyone participating in the protests and presents its condolences to all the victims of planned repression and insecurity on December 2015.

Rasin calls on all social forces and political consistent in participating in demonstrations to defend the country’s dignity and life and defeat the project of death that this project of continuity represents. The annulment of  the December 27 election represents a first step but there is not a victory yet.

The two heads of the Executive, the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), and the clear involvement of many foreign settlers in it, play an important role in the development of this current difficult situation where the country is immersed in a tremendous crisis. They are not the only ones responsible of this situation, since it is the system itself that has come to an end. The reactionary forces can not risk enabling the people to choose the future President and the representatives in other areas of the government. The masses have not found the path of transformation yet, but they reject this model of society. For over 200 years, the oligarchic minority took the peasantry and the working class as its platform to meet their own interests. These oligarchs have always sought ways to retain power, either through direct or indirect election, or even coups, but they have never changed the system. The masses do not want more of this kind of power nor that cheap democracy that the ruling class has been trying to impose since the people put an end to the Duvalier dictatorship, nor they want the survival of the ‘Duvalier spirit’, especially during the current government led by Martelly / Paul.

The class formed by the traditional political accomplices of the ‘international community’ have their share of responsibility in the current crisis,  even though the ruling class and imperialism have the actual key. We recall the direct responsibility of the oligarchy and of much of the traditional political class in the negotiations that culminated in the formation of Evans Paul’s  government. Our elders always say “if there were no national traitors, outsiders could not plunder our country”.

How else can we understand that Pierre-Louis Opont, current President of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), has said that the country is led by a false President because, according to him, the result he had given when he was Director General CEP previous to the 2010 election, was not the one proclaimed? Why did former President Preval and the other candidates agree with that outcome? It was the oligarchy who proposed Opont to lead the current CEP. And traditional politicians accepted that because everyone thinks they may be favored by this lottery, which is under the control of those who actually make the decisions. That was also Opont’s message when he made that insolent statement. He was really saying that he was the same person and had not changed.

A Haitian holds up a poster of presidential candidate Michel Martelly next to a burning barricade during a protest following presidential elections in Port-au-Prince December 8, 2010. Protests and sporadic gunfire erupted in Haiti's capital late on Tuesday after electoral authorities announced the country's inconclusive presidential election would go to a run-off vote. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz (HAITI - Tags: POLITICS ELECTIONS CIVIL UNREST) TELETIPOS_CORREO:%%%,%%%,%%%,PORT-AU-PRINCE
A Haitian holds up a poster of presidential candidate Michel Martelly next to a burning barricade during a protest following presidential elections in Port-au-Prince December 8, 2010. Protests and sporadic gunfire erupted in Haiti’s capital late on Tuesday after electoral authorities announced the country’s inconclusive presidential election would go to a run-off vote. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz 

During the elections on August 9 and October 25 everything was for sale: leaders’ permissions, accreditation cards, the shirts and identifications of observers, polling stations, ballots ( false ballots- true ballots), the posts for senators-deputies and mayors. It was a shame market across the country.

In general, we focus on members of the Provisional Electoral Council and forget about the other members of the electoral apparatus involved in all of the worst maneuvers, so that those people have a whole field to act on. August 9 happened, as we know, to establish a Parliament that was incongruous and full of bandits, to deliver to multinationals and the oligarchy all the remaining wealth of the country. Therefore, it is important to annul the Presidential elections of October 25 and also those of August 9, and investigate everything that happened during the electoral process in order to defeat this electoral coup.

“October 25th” raises two different challenges. The first one is to keep Martelly in power, a formula that imperialism does not dislike (as we observed, their representatives praised everything that happened both on August 9 and October 25), but it also does not defend Martelly to death. The other thing, is that they do not want the emergence of one or two characters who are not of their liking, for one reason or another. It is precisely this second challenge that makes the situation difficult, beyond the fact that there is a country that is suffering, especially the popular masses.

RASIN calls on all patriotic forces not to accept the supposed solution that aims at extending the mandate of Michel Martelly as President. Every day that Michel Martelly remains in power is a disgrace to democracy and to the country’s future.

The Socialist Reunification for a New Popular Initiative (RASIN Popular Party)  aims at overcoming the crisis through a transition no longer than 24 months. But it is a transition that does not mean to remove Macoutes* only to replace them for weak leaders as has occurred several times since February 7, 1986. We need a strong political period with trustworthy leaders who have largely proved their patriotism and honesty, and reject the speech of the so-called “international community” as if it was sacred. These figures have to commit to a clear mandate:

I.-  Annulment of the elections of August 9 and October 25

II.- Go back to the 1987 Constitution, that the people voted on March 29 of that year.

III.- Avoid the marketing, colonization and perversion of the electoral process. To do that we should:

  1. Form a new electoral system not only by naming 9 directors, but destroying all the mechanics used by the current system to forge and implement fraud.
  2. To guarantee the right of each sector that has chosen its representative to revoke him or her, if he or her has not respected the mandate.
  3. To organize elections according to our own means to recover our sovereignty.
  4. To establish proper conditions, not only in words or written down on paper, so that all candidates justify their income sources for the campaign.
  5. To do everything that is possible so that both the electoral process as well as the election days are not transformed into the vast market of Alibaba and the 40 thieves.

IV.- To remove all illegal decrees adopted by the Martelly / Paul Government.

V.- To appoint an Audit Committee, Truth, Justice and Reparation to investigate the mismanagement, economic waste and corruption that characterized Martelly’s power since 2011.

VI.- To put together a timetable for the withdrawal of the MINUSTAH as soon as possible to relieve our country.

VII.- To establish a mechanism for the United Nations to recognize criminal responsibility in the cholera epidemic and provide real reparation and justice for victims throughout the country.

VIII.- To organize a National Conference, a major debate for all political forces to reflect on how to recover our sovereignty after 100 years of occupation and define the path we must take to begin a real process of national reconstruction in the strategic interest the nation and most of the country’s inhabitants.

Long live the mobilization against the electoral farce !!

Let’s build a strategy to overcome 100 years of occupation !!

Long live a free people in a sovereign country !!

Marc-Arthur Fils-Aimé


Creole Translation courtesy of H. Boisrolin

*Rasin stands for Socialist Re-agrouppation for a New National Initiative and also means “root” in Haitian creole.

*Macoutes, or Tonton Macoute is the term that designates the men close to Haitian dictator François Duvalier

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