The danger of underestimating Mauricio Macri’s lethal power, by Carlos Aznárez

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By Carlos Aznárez / Source Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn / January, 9, 2015.

Mauricio Macri, apart from being an honorary member of the Latin American right-wing offensive, knows better than anyone that what is done in the first hundred days of governance is essential for establishing a “style”, or in modern terms a “story”, on how the future will look like. As with prices of basic needs, when they increase, then it is very difficult to later return to their original rate, Macri challenges everyone with National Emergency Decrees, assuming that very few of these authoritarian decrees would be cancelled by the Parliament.

Once again – as it happened  when the current president took over the Government of the City of Buenos Aires a few years ago – the “opposition party” has underestimated the power that lay behind macrismo (a sort of ideology which now rages between the “squalid Venezuelans”* and Colombian Uribism) and now realize that in this first month of arrogant management, many things have changed for worse. Especially affecting the most popular sectors which were the most hardly hit by the economic crisis, which obviously did not begin with Macri, but that the current President stresses based on recipes that come from the worst of neoliberalism.

The list of grievances, provocative measures, repressive and promises of enforcement activities with destructive economic policies, sovereignty and cultural production, is important enough for someone to still have doubts that the changes announced as an election slogan, are today becoming an indefinitely nightmare.

If the devaluation that was declined in times when Macri was “The candidate” is now being launched, is because there was already a foundation to carry it out, produced in advance for all the business corporation, that as in Venezuela, are not only the speculative recipe makers but are maneuvering on the prices of essential items like puppets. The dollar release (as required by financial sectors without scrupulous  and large swathes of the an unthinking middle class) was accompanied by other initiatives such as the elimination of deductions to the farming oligarchy and their scribes “new rich” owners of the “soya fatherland”, achieving in each of those runs, rewards of billions and a debt of eternal gratitude to “macrismo”.

In an additional lifeline from the same management, other decrees by which the review of legality arises in the hiring of public employees for the past years, are part of the outgoing government. A measure that could affect more than 60,000 workers. It is true that all governments use in extreme (fattening their own staff) working capacity of the state, it is also true that Kirchner did not waste time on that aspect, but what is not acceptable is that now the arrogant macrist bulldozer wants to unemploy with dictatorial methods to thousands of men and women who were holders of a legal contract, and whose future should be, applying a framework of the proclaimed equality of opportunity, an effective contract based on their knowledge and delivered in the negotiations for which they have been called. It is paradoxical to speak of “charges of accommodation” or “gnocchi K” in the national state area (if they existed) when the City government itself has crammed the different areas of management with friends, family and pimps from their party, together with a real battalion of ineffective and bureaucrats.

The reality is that, as informed by the Association of State Workers, in the first fifteen days of the new government 10,000 State workers were fired, as well as implementing public policies that undermine state workers and seeking to dismantle public services and shrink the state in short-term, as Carlos Menem did in the devastating 90s.

Only in the Senate, 2035 workers have been left without jobs by a decision of vice president, Gabriela Michetti, a decision that had the shameful complicity of the head of the block of Kirchner’s Front for Victory, Miguel Pichetto. To this figure, it must be added the more than 600 laid off in the Kirchner Cultural Center, and others in the offices of the AFSCA (Federal Authority of Audiovisual Communication Services) in Traffic Office and National Insurance.

A special case that complements this employer onslaught by the right-wing government is what happens to workers who fulfilled tasks in different municipalities of Buenos Aires, for instance Lanus, Quilmes, Chascomus, Coronel Vidal, Coronel Suarez, and Adolfo Alsina.
Hundreds of layoffs in each municipality of Buenos Aires and about 4,500 contracts “fallen” in La Plata, where workers began a series of demonstrations that culminated this week with a harsh repression by the police. On the internet are circulation pictures and videos of women and men with their backs full of holes by police buckshot.

Other workers in the spotlight by Macri and his “Chicago Boys” are staff of cooperatives. Thus, around 2000 lost their jobs, employees who fulfilled maintenance functions in the former ilegal detention center (ESMA), and the same threat hangs over to other agencies.

Macri’s economic team has not been left behind in marking territory on the next wage discussions and have already anticipated, alerting union leaders, that there will be a rigorous ceiling, but also, union leaders must be “responsible” so that private entrepreneurs are not tempted to think of dismissals due to lack of work “maturity” by employees. Blackmail without further adieu.

Macri’s social policy  is transparent and widely used in similar regimes on the continent: to create fear in the occupied scenes showing what happens to the new unemployed. Some, accepting the “punishment” without question, and others, with more dignity and fighting spirit, resisting at the employer-police arrogance.

In another category on which Macrismo attacked is in the communication area. On the one hand, dissolving the AFSCA and intervening the core of the Media Law, putting the whole structure under the command of a Ministry of Communications, at their measure. On the other hand, granting more green light than the usual  to concentrated media, led by Clarin, La Nacion and Infobae, managers of the “new image” of a government that boasts of exercising power without even consulting their parliamentarians.

In Foreign Policy, Washington smiles at Macri. They like the Antichavist tone of the new president, his relationship with Leopoldo Lopez, Capriles or Alvaro Uribe Velez. They celebrates his complicity with Zionism and his rejection with Iran. He is clearly a “good servant”, as would say in the corridors of the White House, John Kerry.

But there are also some other “good friends” have arisen for the Argentine ruling. From Uruguay, the convert Tabaré Vázquez, who years ago was about to ask Bush for military assistance to fight against Argentina because of the Botnia pulp mill and the resistance of the people of Gualeguaychú, today has become a “caramelized” colleague Macri and promises commendable relations.

Macri’s offensive can be done in terms of the institutional opposition without many spokes in the wheel, because of the inexplicable slowness of the parliamentary scaffolding movements. It is known that the Front for Victory has a majority in the Senate and a good percentage of seats in the Lower House, but beyond some statements and few feints, they remain undecided to convene the Extraordinary Congress Sessions. Most of them, because they are enjoying their holiday period in the middle of the fire because of the macrista actions, and others because they are shamelessly arranging with the government and also with former Kirchnerist, Sergio Massa, an Macri’s ally who has his own business with governors and former officials who have stuck the jump without any shame.

Finally, we have the streets. The fight in the streets. There, where the destiny of a country is usually played, without too much speculation. There are few who are resisting the government instructive maneuvers.

Unions and social organizations, can provide detailed account of that. They still they do it in response to the Pink House’s repressive agenda, but others are more cautious and are realizing that if they do not unite forces and there is not a minimum coordination in facing struggles, this first month of arrogant decrees could be extended in time or could be dressed up with another outfit. Perhaps the fundamental part of the resistance to gear an adequate strength would work, it could be in gestating a broad ideological spectrum but settled from down and left of the current system. Quarrelsome and formed in a high ideological level. An arc with room for everyone, including thousands of young who come from Kirchnerism, provided that both sides understand, with humility, that to fight this pro-imperialist right no one has won the leadership in advance, and they need to understand that on December 10 a new era has began, that is not necessarily saved with expressions of desires of going back.

*Squalid Venezuelans is a concept introduced by Chavez on a Speech, to refer to opposition sectors.

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