In 2015, the U.S. dropped more than 23,000 bombs on Muslim countries

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Source HispanTV / The Dawn /January 14, 2016. USA launched over 23,000 bombs in six predominantly Muslim countries in 2015, according to a report that shows the magnitude of the damage Washington inflicts on the Muslim world.

The Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), a think tank based in New York, estimated in a report released on Thursday that last year around 23,144 bombs were dropped by the US against countries such as Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.

About 77% of US airstrikes were allegedly directed at the terrorist group ISIS (Daesh in Arabic) which acts in Iraq and Syria, the CFR said, citing several sources, including statistics of the The Bureau of Investigative Journalism on US air transport.

The study does not provide details on the extent of the destruction and civilian casualties caused by US weapons.

However, the CFR report notes that, with its bombing on Iraq and Syria, Washington could not weaken the terrorist group Daesh or decrease the number of its troops.

On the other hand, Pentagon officials said that at least 25,000 fighters of the takfiri terrorist group were killed since the so-called anti-ISIS coalition, led by the US, began operations in Iraq and Syria in 2014.

However, the CIA admits that the number of members of the terrorist group has remained unchanged, i.e., that deaths have not changed the ranks of this group since then.

On the other hand, the article also indicates that despite the bombing of Afghanistan, the Taliban militia took control of many areas of the country.

The oddest thing about this report is a statement by the CFR which says that besides the 25,000 militants killed, only 6 civilians were “probably”  killed in the 17 month-long air campaign.

The USA and its allies invaded Afghanistan on October 7, 2001 as part of Washington’s so-called war against terrorism following the attacks of September 11 in New York City.

The offense allowed to overthrow the armed Taliban group from power, but after more than 14 years, foreign troops have not yet been able to “establish security” in the country.

Regarding the attacks of the anti-IS coalition, the governments of both Iraq and Syria question the effectiveness of such bombings and criticize the coalition for the damages caused and the many civilian victims that it left in its wake.

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