Venezuela: Journalist Ricardo Durán was murdered

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Source: Alba Ciudad / The Dawn / January 20, 2016.- He was popularly known for his work in the TV political analysis show La Hojilla. Last Wednesday morning, journalist Ricardo Durán, popularly known for his work in the political analysis TV show La Hojilla, was murdered. Security forces are present in the site of the crime, in Caricuao, to determine the circumstances in which the life of the social communicator was taken, as informed Minister of Popular Power for Communication and Information, Luis José Marcano, through his twitter account @luisjmarcano.

According to extra-official reports, Durán, who resided in sector UD-4 of the populous neighborhood of Caricuao, was allegedly intercepted and murdered by unknown people when he was arriving to his home.

Ricardo Durán had been recently appointed as Head of Press for the Capital District Government. He was a journalist in the State TV station and host of a show in the Venezuelan National Radio. He had also been director of Communication and Information of the National Assembly.

Durán was one of the journalists that had a key role during the fatidic days of April 2002, when Hugo Chavez was kidnapped in a coup attempt and most media outlets in Venezuela, aligned with the coup, were creating confusion and covering up the facts.

According to an article published in 2009 by Tribuna Popular, the newspaper of the Communist Party of Venezuela, Duran had already been victim of several attacks, as a response to the denounces he had made in the past.

The Minister of Communication and Information, Luis José Marcano, said that the State will carry out every pertinent investigation and justice will be made for this regrettable tragedy. He was a fighter for the revolution and defended the truth with courage.

Another attack against the Revolution

Communiqué by Resumen Latinoamericano

Once again, a young, revolutionary Venezuelan is murdered in the midst of an economic imperial war against the Revolution. Comrade and colleague Ricardo Durán, a journalist with a great career in the field of communication and in the struggle for making the truth be heard above the cruel campaign of harassment that the Bolivarian Venezuela is suffering, has fallen under the guns of hitmen.

We the journalists and workers of Resumen Latinoamericano join the repudiation against this new and serious attack and express our solidarity with our comrades at La Hojilla and with all our Venezuelan colleagues who today accompany the family of Ricardo Durán and homage he who in life was an example of rebellious and revolutionary journalism.

Despite the grief, as Eduardo Galeano would say, they will not be able to defeat the revolution nor those who use journalism as an anti-imperialist and socialist trench.


Carlos Aznárez, in the name of all of us who make Resumen Latinoamericano

Buenos Aires, January 20, 2016

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