Turkey sends 500 terrorists to Syria to stop Kurdish advance

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Source: Al Manar / The Dawn / February 19, 2016 – At least 500 takfiri terrorists crossed Turkey’s border on Wednesday, entered Syria and headed towards the border town of Azaz, north of Aleppo.

“At least 500 militants have crossed the border point of Bab al Salaam on their way to the town of Azaz in order to help other terrorists after the victories achieved by Kurdish forces in the North of the province”, said Rami Abdel Rahma, head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, based in London.

This crossing of terrorists was conducted under the supervision of Turkish officials. On Sunday, 350 militants crossed into Syrian territory at the Atme border point.

Syrian intense aerial bombardment

The Syrian Air Force launched, last Thursday, heavy air attacks against the positions of IS in the city of Al Bab, in the eastern part of the province of Aleppo, killing over 70 terrorists and injuring an equal number.

The Syrian Air Force intensively bombed fiefs of IS in the city of Al Bab and the towns of Jub Qabshah, Eibed, Suran, Tal Alam, Deir QAQ, Saryah and Al Zaalanah, said a military source. Around 70 terrorists were killed and another 70 wounded in the air strikes, the source added.

Also, several vehicles and key positions of IS were destroyed in Al Bab, which is located on the main route used by the terrorist group to send oil to Turkey.

Wednesday was a particularly important day in regard to the actions of the Syrian aviation, which destroyed numerous sites and positions of the militants in four cities of Aleppo: Al Bab, Qabasin, Beza and Susian.

Several positions of the terrorist groups in Haraitan and Handarat were also destroyed by Syrian aircraft, causing heavy casualties to the terrorists .

Free Syrian Army militants massively fleeing from Aleppo

Reports that appeared in the Turkish media indicate that militants of the Syrian Revolutionary Front, a supposedly “moderate” faction supported by the US and integrated within the Free Syrian Army, have massively abandoned the city of Aleppo in a time when the Syrian army is carrying out a major offensive in the region.

The group’s leader, Jamal Maruf, has fled to Turkey, where he received protection of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is, along with Saudi Arabia, one of the major sponsors of terrorism in Syria.

The report notes that all the Front’s fighters are now in Aleppo. Before that, they were acting in northern Homs and southern Idleb, where they helped the Al Nusra Front, the Syrian branch of Al Qaida, to take territories, highlighting, once again, the cooperation of these “moderate” groups with Al Qaida.

After being expelled from Homs by the Syrian Army, its members moved en masse to Aleppo. This significant number of fighters did not stop, however, the Syrian army offensive against areas of the city held by the militants.


The Free Syrian Army has also lost the border post of Bab al Hawa to the group Ahrar al Sham, in Aleppo.

Turkish media said the weapons handed to the Free Syrian Army by the US have ended up in the hands of Ahrar al Sham and the Al-Nusra Front.
The Syrian army carried out these days an offensive to liberate the entire city of Aleppo and has taken over the Thermal Plant, a strategic position east of that city.


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