Peru: “Keiko Is A No-Go”, the cry against Fujimori’s daughter candidacy

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Source: Contagio Radio / The Dawn News / March 16, 2016. On the streets of Lima, about 10 thousand people protested on March 15 against the presidential candidacy of Keiko Fujimori, since several corruption offenses have been proved with filmic material that depicts the candidate making cash payments to voters in exchange for their votes in the upcoming elections, to be held on April 10.

The claim of the “Keiko Is A No-Go” campaign has already reached the electoral court, which must decide whether it validates the evidence or not. If the evidence was considered valid, the candidacy of Fujimori, who is so far favorite in the polls, would be terminated. According to Paloma Duarte, a member of the social organization “The Board” (in Spanish, La Junta), the evidence is irrefutable and if the court lawfully, Fujimori’s campaign should be withdrawn from the race.

Last February, Fujimori, who is in the party Popular Force, acknowledged various acts of corruption committed during the government of Alberto Fujimori, and despite the evidence that Keiko herself donates money in cash, she claims that if she won election she would fight corruption, says Duarte.

The truth is that neither social, human rights nor citizens organizations generally believe in the fujimorista speech because the memory of the disastrous government of the family is still fresh, with 314,605 women forcibly sterilized by the government of Alberto Fujimori, repression to social protest and over a hundred public companies with high commercial and strategic value for the country sold.

It’s expected that the decision of the electoral courts will be announced in the coming hours, and if the claims of thousands of people were found to be positive, Keiko Fujimori will be investigated by justice and prosecuted for the charges of corruption and vote buying.

In this context, Duarte says that the social movement that has manifested itself spontaneously also reacts to a general discontent with the situation of society and of  human rights, that have worsened in recent years with policies that affect the environment, the right to water, decent work and the defense of basic rights, among others.

Alberto Fujimori’s former wife, who is Keiko’s mother, denounced having been tortured by her husband more than 500 times.

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