Argentina. Je suis TeleSur

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prohibido-telesur-600x350By: Fernando Buen Abad / Resumen Latinoamericano / March 27, 2016.- I am Telesur. They wanted to hit Telesur, too, because that great tactic of Chavez and Maduro which consists in telling the truth is terribly annoying to them. The power of truth in people’s voices. The attack against TeleSur and Venezuela, who have done nothing else than making the South their North, was unmasked. They wanted to attack their offices in Caracas because the Nazi-fascist “opposition” is mired in a hysterical tantrum of helplessness and despair. This very old hatred is directed against Telesur and Socialism.

Telesur is an invaluable continental mirror

Truth and freedom play a central role in the making of intelligent and intelligible information  That is a key point in the revolutionary communicational axis. It’s a task of Socialist Integration that Chavez always desired and therefore, to strike it is, to the opposition, a way to strike Chavez in one of the most outstanding elements of his legacy which is the communication tactics and strategies.

Telesur is an invaluable continental mirror. It’s one of the best sources of information around the globe, it’s a strategic political decision of great magnitude in the task of changing the information paradigms that our people need to build their semantic independence and sovereignty. It’is a television station with complex objectives, that in order to be achieved must advance on very rough, and oftentimes dangerous, terrain. In a continent under the omnipotence of the oligarchy’s media, in every country, it’s not easy to be a tool for the ideal of Latin American and Caribbean integration. Telesur is an invaluable continental mirror to look at our achievements and our most significant weaknesses without being subject to the discourse of the empire. And, apart from a mirror, it is a tool for politically intervening reality by way of information that is free from the notion of news as consumer goods.

Its “North” is, also, truth. Telesur has transmitted from a country besieged by corporate media, transmitting images from everywhere to to all around the world. It’s a live television and news network with documents and evidence that, despite the oligarchic threats, will not stop broadcasting, even though the days get rough, and even they tried to bomb it once. No doubt that what they wanted to do is nothing else than a stage of the “terror war” supported  by the bourgeois media everywhere. The war against Telesur is financed also by media companies eager to dominate the world. Even without the bombing we can easily identify the goals of the threats against the television station of the Revolution.

Paradoxically, the same ones that yesterday called Chavez a “dictator” because he didn’t renew the license of RCTV , now applaud the silencing of Telesur.

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