Two peasants members of the MST are killed in Paraná, Brazil

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Source: Prensa Latina / The Dawn News / April 7, 2016. On Thursday afternoon, two teams of the Military Police of Parana, accompanied by security guards of the Araupel company, attacked the Thomas D. Baldwin camp, in the region of the Iguazu Falls, located in the state’s center.

So far, two dead and six wounded were confirmed, although the exact number has not been confirmed yet. The military police has prevented members of the movement from accesing the place where events occurred.


The camp, located in an area that belongs to the Araupel, is organized with 2,500 families and about 7 thousand people.

In that place, the Landless Workers suffer constant threats from the security guards and armed men of the company. These threats are protected by the collusion with the government and the Secretary of State for Public Safety.

Disputes over land in the state

This scenario, in part, reflects the climate of tension due to access to land and against land hoarding in the region. The conflict is related to the creation of two MST camps in the center-South region of Paraná, that was built on areas exploited by the company Araupel, which exports pine tree and eucalyptus.

The first field is located in the municipality of Bonito of the Iguazú river. The occupation was carried out on May 1, 2014 and now includes more than 1,000 families. They destine approximately 1,5 hectares to the production of food.

The second camp, called D. Tomás Balduino, that was built on land occupied in June 2014, has 1,500 families and is located in the region of the Iguazú falls.

The National Agrarian Defender said he doesn’t have information on this case, but that he’s fact-checking.


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