Solidarity with the people of Haiti in the face of US and its allies’ interference

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Buenos Aires, 25 April 2016 / Source 

Human rights and popular organizations in Argentina and Latin America today expressed their condemnation of the increasingly blatant interference by the US, the UN, and other allies, against the rights of the Haitian people to sovereignty and selfdetermination. Through the statement released today, they denounce the colonialist behavior of the US who wants to continue to dictate electoral forms, timing, and winners and “threatens to cut financial support to the Haitian government if a Commission for electoral verification is created; calls on other so-called “donors” – such as the IDB and the European Union – to boycott Haiti financially; and promotes the demonstrations organized by (former President) Martelly… “.

Instead, they demand the adoption of policies of solidarity and fraternal cooperation with the people of Haiti. The statement also denounces the already expressed intention to continue the MINUSTAH – the UN stabilization mission that occupies Haiti since June 2004, claiming it is a threat to hemispheric security – beyond the October 2016 limit. The solidarity organizations add their voices to those of vast sectors of Haiti who reject this interventionism, and they join in demanding the immediate withdrawal of MINUSTAH troops and the end of all occupation-trusteeship of Haiti.

“It is time to respect the right and the capacity of the Haitian people to govern themselves,” they stress. Among the signatories of this new statement are the Jubilee South / Americas network, Dialogue 2000 Argentina, the Argentine Solidarity Committee to end the occupation of Haiti, Jubilee South Brazil, Nora Cortiñas and Mirta Baravalle of the Mothers of May Square-Founders’ Line, the Argentine Workers’ Central CTA-Autonomous, Popular Unity and Emancipation South.

The statement also highlights the strength and unity of Haitian popular sectors, which in recent months have managed to “stop the imposition of a new government elected by the US … (by refusing) to accept the results of an electoral process considered fraudulent and in which neither did they participate – at most 25% of the electorate voted – and they made it impossible for the president, chosen fraudulently in the previous ‘elections’ …”.

Popular pressure also forced the cancellation of the run-off elections scheduled for yesterday as part of the top-level agreement signed on February 5 under the watchful eye of US and the OAS, and is about to achieve the creation of an independent commission to verify the 2015 elections. In conclusion, the Argentine and Latin American organizations call on popular forces throughout the continent to stand in solidarity with a free and sovereign Haiti and to mobilize on June 1st, the 12th. anniversary of its installation, to demand MINUSTAH withdrawal and an end to all foreign occupation.

Dialogue 2000 Argentina – Jubilee South / Américas Argentine Solidarity Committee to end the occupation of Haiti [email protected] –

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