Neo-Nazis Win Elections in Austria

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By: Juan Manuel Olarieta / Source: / The Dawn News / May 3rd, 2016. The winner in the Austrian presidential elections was the fascist party, FPÖ. With this change, Austria joins the Neo-Nazi Wave in the European Union.


The fascist party FPÖ has come out first in the presidential elections in Austria. Their candidate, Norbert Hofer, was the winner of the first round with 35 percent of the vote. Europe is again in the hands of fascist, racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic and militaristic parties.

On May 22, the second round will be held, in which Hofer will compete against Alexander Van Der Bellen, 72, professor of economy and candidate of the Green Party, who obtained 21 percent of the votes, the 2nd best result in his career.

Austrian fascists are following the footsteps of the rest of the reactionary forces that control both the center and South of Europe, especially characterized by their opposition to the European Union and immigration. It’s very likely that they will win over the government of the Second Austrian Republic, strengthening the irreversible political crisis of the Old Continent.

The old parties that emerged in Vienna, after the soviet victory in the World War II —the social democracy, el popular party and the conservative party—, are falling apart: combined, they only earned 22 per cent of the vote. With them, the republic, which was already a shadow of what it used to be, is falling apart.

With their mission fulfilled, the old parties helped the fascists and paved the way for them. In 1999, they opened the governments’ doors to Jorg Haider, who was then the leader of the fascist party, whose accounts have been generously filled up.

In all Europe, traditional parties, especially the social democracy and the unions, have been focused on fighting and crushing the revolutionary forces, which the first step before cracking down on the whole worker’s movement to destroy its living conditions. Wherever there was an opposition, it was symbolic, rhetoric and merely testimonial.

The fascists have, in a demagogic way, denounced unemployment and the worsening of living and working conditions, and they blame the causes not on capitalism, but on the European Union. It’s impossible for fascists to do something different from what the old parties have already done before, and it is impossible for Austria to implement a different policy from the one that Brussels imposes.

Throughout Europe, people are feeling sick and tired. It’s clear that nobody wants this, but nobody has a different option, something beyond a change of government, beyond replacing the pieces of the same engine.

Like fascism, racism is an exhaust valve, its principles are not new, they are rooted in the very own migratory policies, imposed during the “Great coalition” of the popular party and the social democrats. In Europe, the real borders were drawn after the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1990. Austria has closed its borders with Hungary and Italy and has suppressed the right to asylum.

The only real unity that’s visible in Europe is the one between the fascists in all countries, which has allowed them to reach the most important seats of the government, one by one. Meanwhile, anti-fascista don’t know to what or whom they are fighting. They don’t know what fascism is nor what the State is.

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