Student Rebellion in Paraguay: “We won’t Stop Until the Government Signs a Compromise Agreement”

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Sources: E´a – Cigarrapy – Agencias / The Dawn News / May 10, 2016PARAGUAY--CEP-felicita-a-estudiantes-y-recuerda-mensaje-del-Papa-shaune-Fraser-campeon-panamericano-natacion

The student rebellion continues in Paraguay. Occupations are still in force after they achieved the resignation of the Minister of Education, Marta Lafuente. Students demand that President Horacio Cartes signs a document where he compromises to solve the educational crisis.

Corruption and serious deficiencies in public education sparked the wave of protests in late 2015. On May 6, they managed to make the Minister of Education, Marta Lafuente, resign. But students still need more guarantees, because the system has a way of renovating itself without making any real changes.

The set of demands and claims that motivated more than 100 “Occupy” protests in public education institutions and mobilizations throughout the country, are still unfulfilled. The goal of the various student groups that are leading this movement is to get a real commitment from Horacio Cartes’ government to solving the problems in education.

The student movement proclaims: “This is not going to stop until the government signs a compromise agreement”. It was confirmed in a press round by the main student organizations: FENAES, UNEPy and ONE.  And they back this demand by continuing to occupy the institutions and organizing different protest activities.

Next Wednesday they will take a step forward to get Horacio Cartes to sign an agreement where he compromises to change the education policy by handing him a document, when the President returns from his trip to Argentina.

Meanwhile, the occupation of schools was met with violence from the authorities. In the Asunción Escalada School, students were locked in by order of Principal Nilda Zárate, and nobody was allowed to enter. However, other students and friends are occupying the sidewalk in solidarity.

In the República Argentina School, students put an end to the occupation due to health issues after being locked in a classroom for four days. But they stated that they will mobilize again.

In the city of Encarnación, high school students of the Defenders of Chaco School joined the protests, and they denounced that the police had threatened them.

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