There is a Military, Diplomatic and Economic Interference Against Syria

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By: Resumen Medio Oriente / The Dawn News / May 13, 2016. Tamara Lalli, journalist and member of the Syrian Cultural Association, analyzes in depth the current situation in Syria and denounces the interference of the US and its allies.

After five years of aggression against Syria, the roads to a pacific and negotiated solution seem far away. The US and its allies still maintain their objective of overthrowing President Bashar Al-Assad. Through groups like Islamic State and the Al-Nusrah Front, they seek to sink into chaos a country that was emerging as a power in the Middle East.

Tamara Lalli, Political Scientist and Journalist specialized in Middle East, spoke to Resumen Medio Oriente about the current situation in Syria. To her, “the first thing we must divulge” relating the Syrian crisis “are all the manipulations that were promoted by media manipulation” because that “defines the way in which the conflict is spoken about, according to the world power’s desires”.

Lalli, who hosts the radio show “Orígenes”, explained that when mass media began reporting on Syria “they said that there’s a civil war, but that’s not true”. “Although there’s a part of the population that doesn’t agree with the government, that internal opposition never raised in arms against the state nor the Army”, said the expert. But Lalli also explained that “since March 15, 2011, a war began to wear down the country, in what is known as permanent chaos. This consists in creating chaos amongst society and promote a coup, and media play a crucial role in this”.

After applying this modern method for destabilization, Lalli indicated that the second phase was the support given to “mercenaries of the armed groups that were quickly assembled in Syria; first as multiple local commandos which later merged and formed the two great groups that we know today: IS and the Al-Nusrah Front”.  Apart from these two organizations, Lalli said that in Syria there are approximately a thousand irregular groups that the West calls “moderate rebels”.

According to the journalist, “the world is just now realizing, after several attacks in Europe, that these groups were formed by the West and NATO, with the money of the Gulf countries, and they are turning against their creators”.

As Lalli says, the crucial variable we must bear in mind when analyzing organizations such as the IS or Al-Qaeda is “who they are useful to”, and the answer is, almost always, “big international corporations, hegemonic power and mass media”. This conglomerate of powers, according to the specialist, is the main responsible of the results obtained after five years in Syria, which are “300 thousand dead, and half as much displaced, which is one of the biggest refugee crisis, and not only affects Syria, but the whole world”.

Lalli explained that what happened in Syria is part of the project that began under the US presidency of George W. Bush, with the goal of “redrawing the Middle East”, and the first action was the invasion in Iraq in 2003. “They want to redraw that map because that benefits the great geopolitical powers, the great energetic companies and the construction companies. That’s what the paradigm of constant chaos is useful for”, she asserted.


Foto: “Greater Middle East”, according to the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the US. Map published in 2006 by US Colonel Ralph Peters. Source: Red Voltaire

Peace without interference

Upon being consulted about the peace negotiations that are being held in Geneva between Al-Assad’s government and sectors of the Syrian opposition, Lalli pointed out that “fair peace in a country like Syria, or in any other country, is letting people decide internally, without interference”.

“Interference in Syria is not only a military level, but also diplomatic and economic”, the journalist said. And she remembered that, in five years, Syria was economically weakened, despite being a country without external debt and self-sufficient in terms of food and energy production”.

She also emphasized that the key to solve the Syrian conflict is for Washington and its allies to cease giving weapons to mercenary groups. “As long as there are weapons, there’s going to be war, and when there’s war the solution is always military. If there groups have increasingly more weapons, the other side is going to raise in arms too. That’s the logic of war and that makes it impossible to solve this, as long as the US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and France continue to send weapons”.

Lalli added that another fundamental point is that these countries must stop buying “oil that has been stolen from Iraq and Syria” from terrorist groups. “Once these things are done, then the negotiations can begin”.

Promoting destabilization

Since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, it became public that behind many of the protests and mobilizations against the national government there was a network of intelligence services and diplomatic representatives. Posteriorly, evidence of this interference was repeatedly presented in the UN by the Syrian Executive power, and denounced by Russia, Iran and several countries in Latin America. o

“When the first mobilizations took place in some cities of Syria”, Lalli recalled, “the ambassadors of the countries that were interfering were marching at the head. For example, Robert Ford, US ambassador, was leading the march in the Hama city”.

She added that, since the beginning, the US sent troops and advisers to Syria. “This is sustained, it’s not new. In the training camps of Turkey, there were officers of the CIA and the Marines, and they are still there”, she said.

The terrorists that operate in Syria come from 83 different countries and “they have been trained by US marines, in Turkey, which is a NATO base”, concluded Tamara Lalli.

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