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Shut-down the MINUSTAH and end all occupation of Haiti !
For the demilitarization of our America !
The people of Haiti are strengthening their resistance in the face of US imperialism and its allies. Popular mobilization throughout 2015/16 put in check the plans of the “international community”, forcing the departure of former President Martelly and the repeated collapse of run-off elections, demanded from outside Haiti even if there was only one candidate. Despite direct rejection by the US, they have also been able to secure the start of a verification process of the 2015 elections, described as fraudulent, the outcome of which is still open.
In this context the UN Security Council is preparing to decide on the future of the MINUSTAH – the United Nations Mission for the Stabilization of Haiti. This multilateral force, composed mostly of troops from throughout Latin America, has occupied Haiti since June 1, 2004, following the first coup of this new millennium against an elected government in our America. Its current mandate expires on October 15, 2016.
Haiti is not a threat to hemispheric security, as the Security Council affirms in order to maintain the MINUSTAH. It is an example of resistance against the occupation and looting that manifest themselves in the ignoring of democratic institutions, the squandering of collective resources through the model of over-consumption, the grabbing of peasant lands, the destruction of the commons and eco -systems, deepening food, financial, trade and energy dependence, and the commodification of life.
Important parts of Haitian social and political life increasingly denounce foreign interference in their country, the failure of the MINUSTAH’s announced objectives, and indeed its role in worsening the Haitian crisis. But the US now seeks to extend its mandate and Canada is ready to assume command of a new stage, unabashedly linked to the “protection” of their investments in mega mining, luxury tourism, maquiladoras, export agribusiness, the creation of a tax haven.
Haiti is a laboratory of new formulas that US imperialism is using to regain political control and rebuild its continental hegemony in the face of the grave crisis of the capitalist system. Thus, withdrawal of foreign troops from Haiti – starting with those from Latin America – and ending the MINUSTAH should be central elements of the unified wave of popular protests that must be unleashed in order to stop this offensive, unmask present modes of economic, media, judicial, and military occupation and advance the construction of emancipatory alternatives.
We thus call for a Continental Day of Solidarity Action on June 1, 2016, and for the continue strengthening of popular mobilization through October 15, to stand together with the people of Haiti in their struggle to achieve:
• the immediate withdrawal of the troops now occupying Haiti;
• complete dismantling of the MINUSTAH, which undermines their sovereignty and has brought immense suffering to the Haitian people;
• that the UN acknowledge its criminal responsibility for introducing cholera and compensate the country and the families of the 9000 men and women killed by this epidemic;
• that the UN invest adequate resources to eradicate cholera and provide the infrastructure to ensure universal access to potable water;
• the dismantling of all imperialist military bases in the continent and respect for Latin America and the Caribbean as a zone of peace;
• the reversal of current processes of destabilization and anti-democratic coups, criminalization of social struggles, selective assassinations and the violation of human, peoples’ and nature rights throughout the region.
On June 1 and continuing through October 15, we call for the organization of actions in every corner of our continent, to make visible and strengthen solidarity with ongoing popular struggles in Haiti and to press for the fulfillment of their demands. We call on organizations and movements everywhere to organize, among other possibilities:
• Demonstrations, pickets, marches
• Open radios, conferences and roundtable discussions, video presentations
• Petitions, letters, statements
• Meetings with leaders of parliamentary and executive powers
• Local, national and subregional events
We call also to support the Peoples’ Anti-imperialist Tribunal to be held in Haiti from July 28th to December 17th, 2016, focused on the criminal consequences of the centennial occupation of the country and the strengthening of popular responses.
For more than 200 years now, the people of Haiti have continued to offer transformative alternatives of liberation and equality. Let us offer our respect and solidarity.
Long live the self-determination of peoples
Down with the neoliberal war
Long live the protection and defense of our commons
Long live food, energy and financial sovereignty
Long live agroecological peasant agriculture
Long live Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace
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