Haitian Organization Demands General Elections

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Statement by RASIN [Reagrupamiento Socialista para una Nueva Iniciativa Nacional RASIN del Campo Popular] / Source Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn News / June 1, 2016.

Last monday May 30, everyone in Haiti was waiting for the results of the Haitian Verification Commission, except for the imperialist, often referred as the “International Community”, and the Haitian Tet Kale Party (PHTK). We were waiting for the truth about the last year’s elections. We have no doubt: fraudulents maneuvers prevented people from choosing their candidates, even though, most of the candidates didn’t deserve to be elected.

The report was presented but the search for the truth must continue. The work of the Commission proves that last years’ elections were a fraud. It was all a trick so that  the president and a small group of parliamentarians —who have quite a questionable background— could continue leading the country into the abyss. They intend to enrich multinational companies, as well as the despicable ruling classes and many stateless politicians. The result of the Commission’s work was a hard blow for both the US embassy and the Head of the European Union, who had been lying to the citizens by saying that the 2015 elections were held in a free and fair manner.

Considering the way in which the Commission chooses its working methods, it is difficult to established who is to blame for this kind of maneuvers. Also, Rasin(1) states that it is impossible to separate the two fraudulent electoral acts as the Commission did, when asking to repeat only the president election. For us, any fraudulent act invalidates the process.

To recover our sovereignty we must carry out election processes in all of the government’s levels. We ask the Electoral National Council not to give in into the pressure of the countries that have donated funds for elections. Financial help, that is being wasted by private companies, as well as by senior officials, should be used for this purpose. The Electoral Council should not accept “instability” as an argument, because only a free and sovereign election can lead the country towards the right path.

According to Rasin, it is a historical moment in which, for the first time, the people could be able to organize its own elections in order to win this battle and get its sovereignty back.

This will only be possible if the National Council stands as an completely independent entity from the old electoral system, which was only designed to prevent people from choosing their representatives.

Marc-Arthur Fils-Aimé – General Secretary

Camille Chalmers –  RASIN Representative

June 2016

We are demanding

  1. General elections in every level of the government

  2. Punishment for everyone who was responsible for fraud or violent acts during the elections

  3. The Guarantee the electoral act with public funds

  4. Rebuilding the electoral apparatus from the public and voluntary participation


(1)RASIN stands for Socialist Re-agrouppation for a New National Initiative and also means “root” in Haitian creole

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