Mexico: Artists, Teachers and Villagers set up one more Barricade… in Defense of Culture

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By: Shaila Rosagel / Source: Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn News / July, 9, 2016.

The whole population of Nochixtlan gathered this afternoon in the main square to enjoy a cultural event, in a relaxed environment, after some weeks filled with tension due to the conflict between the repressive forces and the citizens that caused 9 deaths and 120 wounded, according to civil organizations.

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In the quiosc at the main square in Nochixtlan, opposite the Municipal Palace, which was consumed by the fire and the church that housed a hundred wounded protesters last Sunday June 19, was the venue for the “Cultural Barricade” in which artists, activists, and teachers held an information event information day about the teachers movement of the National Coordination of Education Workers (CNTE).

The villagers arrived to the square around 5 pm to listen to some popular music, watch folkloric dances, draw and listen to the message of some activists and leaders in a very relaxed atmosphere, which contrasted greatly with the one they experienced last Thursday when the Human Rights Under Secretary of the Governance Office (SEGOB), Roberto Campa Cifrian arrived, and also very different from the tension that was lived during the past weeks due to the conflict between the inhabitants and the federal and state police.


“The mobilizations we carry out as teachers, as a people, do not intend to affect the citizens. However, what happened on June 19 will be remembered as a bitter day, a sad day, and will be a landmark in the history of the people of Nochixtlán. We will continue to demand justice, for the restoration of the damage they caused by killing all those people and for the reparation for all the health problems they caused, for all those who were harmed by the bullets and who are still in agony”, said Evencio Martínez Torres, member of the 22th section of Nochxtlán. The Professor also informed the population that the CNTE participated in two dialogue roundtables with the Federal Government and that in one of those meetings that with Campa Cifrián they had made some progress.

“We continue to attend the dialogue roundtable, and we keep listening to their promises of restoring the damage they have caused, but this struggle won’t end just like that; these days, we need to see the results of the dialogue. Until this reparation is not met in every home, we will not be discussing whether this struggle must end or not”, he said.

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