Venezuelan Chancellor Accused Macri of Wanting to Destroy the Mercosur

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Source: Tiempo Argentino / The Dawn News / August 11, 2016

Delcy Rodriguez criticized the Argentinian President in various tweets in which she accused him of obeying orders from the US.

Venezuelan Chancellor Delcy Rodriguez accused President Mauricio Macri of trying to destroy the Mercosur by order of the US.

In one of the messages published in her official Twitter account, Rodríguez pointed out that Macri “intends the destruction of the Mercosur, following US’s script, which leads him to make historical mistakes”.

“Venezuela, respectful of law and right, and in full exercise of the Pro Tempore Presidency of the Mercosur, won’t allow its destruction”, reads another Tweet written by the Venezuelan Foreign Relation Minister.

According to the Bolivarian Chancellor, the government of Nicolas Maduro told Macri that “Venezuela told Macri truths that his oligarchic deafness, encouraged by Washington, prevents him from listening”.

And she then added that “this is the same arrogant deafness that won’t allow him to listen to the Argentine people, now sunken in the hopelessness of a neoliberal and anti-democratic government”.  

“I ask @mauriciomacri which part of the truth we spoke about Bolivar’s Homeland and our revolution in the Mercosur Summit he didn’t understand”, the diplomatic official added, and she ended her tweets concisely: “Whoever attacks Venezuela is screwed”.

The Mercosur is in a very profound crisis after the governments of Argentina, Paraguay and the Interim government of Brazil rejected the transference of the Pro Tempore Presidency from Uruguay to Venezuela —as is established by the regulation— claiming that Venezuela had allegedly not met all the requirements to be a full-fledged member of the international organism.

Macri, who is a sworn enemy of Chavism, as he let show in his presidential campaign, attacked Maduro’s administration again last Wednesday and said that the current human rights situation in that country “is a disaster”, following Washington’s logic. The interim authorities of Brazil have also targeted Caracas.

It’s worth remembering that the entry of Venezuela to the organism was approved by Dilma Rousseff and Cristina Fernández after the institutional coup against Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo, in 2012, carried out by his Vice President. A coup that set a precedent for the soft coup process that Dilma is now suffering, perpetrated by Michel Temer.

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