Nicolas Maduro Announced Key Points of the Counteroffensive in Venezuela

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Source: TeleSur / The Dawn News / August 25, 2016

From September 1st until December 31 a Chavist Counteroffensive Plan will be carried out, ruled by three main guidelines.


Last Thursday, mobilizations were registered in various regions of the country to reaffirm the support to the Bolivarian Revolution and the commitment to defending the Homeland.

In the latest contact of Nicolas Maduro with Venezolana de Televisión, the President highlighted the progresses made to guarantee the full supply of the Venezuelan people. “Only the people, taking to the streets, will be able to defeat the coup attempts that the right is promoting”, the President affirmed.

At the same time, he said that the main guidelines of the plan are based, in the first place, on the “social happiness agenda”, in second place, on the stabilization of economy and finally, on political strengthening and social mobilizations.

During his speech, President Nicolas Maduro announced that “when the school year begins, we will deliver computers to all students, and make sure that all resources are provided so that our schools, high schools and universities have a very successful school year”.

The President also mentioned that his goal in the state of Lara is for the “Barrio Adentro” program to reach 100% coverage, along with medical assistance and medicine to ensure the full care of the people of Lara, located in Western Venezuela

Maduro encouraged his cabinet to carry out this plan so it brings positive results to the people of Lara.


Governmental action

The Venezuelan President also highlighted the work they are carrying out to attack the offensive against the people.

The first aspect is that they are working to reinforce and supply the “Great mission of Sovereign Supply”, ensuring that the Local Committees of Distribution and Supply (CLAPs) can have more provisions and can achieve a better quality in the whole Venezuelan territory.

“We already have over 13 thousand CLAPs throughout the national territory and we are taking care of over one million Venezuelan families”, Nicolas Maduro asserted in his speech.

The Venezuelan government is protecting the Plan called Gran Misión Hogares de la Patria (Great mission of the Houses of the Homeland). More than 500 thousand houses have been delivered. “I’m looking for resources to see if by December 31 we can increase our goal of building 100 thousand more houses”, said Maduro.

The Venezuelan leader expressed his rejection against the sector of the bourgeoisie led by the Venezuelan opposition, Henry Ramos Allup, who he qualified as “number one enemy” of the Homeland.

“The Venezuelan people should be alert due to the threats of imperialism and the bourgeoisie, for that we only have one answer: a people that is mobilized, a people that is aware. A people that is out on the streets, moralized, united. A civic-military union, for which I’m sure we will prevail”, he urged.

Last Thursday, deputies and leaders of The United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) Diosdado Cabello and Carmen Meléndez, lead a mobilization in Defense of Peace and in defense of the Mission of Safe Supply, in the state of Lara, Venezuela.

“Revolutionary leaders should step up, they must be in the vanguard, next to the Venezuelan people to face the violent plans of the right sectors”, said the socialist leader, Diosdado Cabello.

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