Chile: Serious Incidents in Commemoration of the Coup

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Source: Resumen Latinoamericano / September 11, 2016


Several incidents were registered in Santiago de Chile and other regions of the country during the night of the commemoration of the Coup of September 11, 1973. Riots, which started right at the end of the march at the General Cemetery, began again after 9pm. Below, a list of the places where incidents were registered.

In the La Granja commune, where a carabinero was hurt by a bullet in one of his legs. Officer José Campusano Pino, of the 50th Police Station of San Joaquín, was taken to the Barros Luco Hospital and, after that, he was transferred to the assistance center of that institution. According to the first pieces information, his life is not under risk. After midnight, the General Director of Carabineros, Bruno Villalobos, arrived to the premises to visit the officer.


In Villa Francia, Central Station, while there was a candlelight march,
hooded demonstrators lighted barricades on fire and started shooting. A large contingent of the Carabineros Special Forces arrived to the place.

Near the intersection of Altarcillo with April 5, in the same commune, hooded men lighted a car on fire. Minutes later, another car burnt in the same area.

In La Legua, San Joaquin commune, at the intersection of Jorge Canning with Carl Brunner, a group of unknown people burned a third car. According to Carabineros, all cars were first sprayed with oil and then lit up.


In the Santa Rosa avenue, Benjamín Subercaseaux, La Granja commune, an unspecified number of protesters blocked traffic, by placing burned tires on the street.

Other militants raised barricades in Pedro Aguirre Cerda, in the Clotario Blest department. The same situation was registered in Pañelolén and in different areas of Playa Ancha, in Valparaíso.

In Melipilla, people blocked the way to Santiago and set tires on fire. In the 8th Region, there were blockades and barricades on the route that connects Concepción with Talcahuano.

On its part, power company Chilectra informed power cuts in some areas of the Renca, Quilicura and Conchalí communes, in the Metropolitan region.

The company stated that there were flaws in the power supply in places like Maipú and Cerrillos. The same happened in La Pincoya, in Huechuraba, where the power company said that their team would arrive to fix them “once the protest is over”.


TVN Journalist was Beaten Up

TVN journalist and his cameraman were beaten up by a group of hooded men durante the march that commemorated the victims of the dictatorship in Santiago de Chile.

The reporters moved alongside the march, when a group of people violently attacked them, beating them and destroying the cameras and transmission equipment, accusing them of being “media partners who repress and kill us”.

Due to the wounds they presented, they were transferred to the Chilean Safety Association where they are being treated.

In addition, some of the equipment with which they were working was stolen, and so the search for it has already began.





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