Temer visits Macri: Protests in Argentina Against His Arrival

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Photos by La Lente Militante / The Dawns News /  October 3, 2016.


Photo Credit: The Pink House

Today, President Mauricio Macri met with his Brazilian counterpart Michel Temer, in the latter’s first official visit to Argentina as the new President of the neighboring country. After the meeting, both leaders held a press conference where they addressed the situation in Venezuela and in Colombia, where a national referendum held on Sunday rejected the landmark deal with FARC rebels reached last week.

Outside the “Quinta de Olivos“, organizations and self-convened citizens gathered to protest against Michel Temer’s arrival and to reject his presence in the country. They criticized the illegitimate nature of his presidency, given that he took office after the irregular impeachment against Dilma Rousseff.

Mercosur and Venezuela

The internal situation in Venezuela is a topic that will most likely be discussed, as both leaders share the strategy of putting pressure on President Nicolás Maduro to get him accept a recall referendum on his administration this year. Last Month, the Venezuelan Electoral Council delayed the planned referendum until next year, after stating that certain conditions had to be met before it could be carried out. “We support that it should be done this year. That is our proposal. If not, we will evaluate in the future what position we will take,” said Temer in an interview with Argentine newspaper La Nación. Temer also warned that if Venezuela doesn’t fulfill its financial obligations to Mercosur, their response would be to expel the country from the bloc.

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Text by Buenos Aires Herald


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