Cuba Prepares to Confront Hurricane Matthew Head On —By Carlos Aznárez

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Source: Resumen Latinoamericano / By: Carlos Aznárez / The Dawn News / October 4, 2016


As our friend Graciela Ramirez, correspondent of Resumen Latinoamericano in Cuba, says, Hurricane Matthew “is coming strong but here we will meet it on our feet”. In the best-case scenario the eye of the storm won’t touch the island, but it will surely shake everything up.

It is known that in the so-called “developed” world, such a terrible climatic disaster would be met with the necessary caution, but not even one of their senior officials elected by the manichaean system known as “democracy” would move from their comfortable chairs to descend to the site. But Cuba is different. It’s not rare for Raul Castro, like Fidel has done in so many other occasions, to carry on his shoulders all the responsibilities that correspond to his position and, in this case, to put himself at the front of all preventive activities in the West provinces, the most important area at the moment.


For the Revolution, nothing is as important as protecting human lives, and that’s precisely what they’re doing right now: to do every possible effort to prevent the consequences that Matthew can bring, given the ferocity of his movements across the region. To make sure that every possible doctor is are there —these Doctors have a vast experience in dealing with this kind of disasters in the most forgotten corners of the world. To make sure that boys and girls and their families are protected, that elders have the medicines and food they can possibly need at hand, and that everyone, absolutely everyone, feels that their backs are protected by this government that was conquered and forged by the people themselves.

Off course, houses and other buildings built with sacrifice, challenging the cruel blockade imposed by the U.S., do matter, but nothing is worth more than a life and there is precisely where the general and urgent mobilization is aiming at.

There is a massive mobilization: students, workers, peasants, everyone supports the solidarious militia to help neighbours who are at risk. As happened with the struggle to rescue Elián and the five Cuban Heroes… the entire island is together to fight Matthew, as it has been together to face so many enemies.


Not too far from there, in the sacrificed Haitian nation that in 1804 produced the first great anti-slavery revolution, they are not as lucky to have a revolutionary process like the Cuban one nor governments capable of containing hurricane Matthew, hunger or misery. The people are exposed to the ruthless blow of the Hurricane and there are no plans for civil defense whatsoever. The same happens then this kind of catastrophe takes place in any other Central American countries and even in the U.S. itself. Life is not worth it. Corrupt governments, crossed by the capitalist essence and far from all humanitarian behaviour, try to save themselves and don’t give a damn about their people.


These are the differences that matter to the Revolution. Raúl, just as Fidel, know that there’s only one reason why the people love and defend the process they have been building for the past 57 years to the point of giving their lives for it: it’s precisely because its leaders (like the Che before them) have committed themselves and have been in the right place, at the right time. The skeptics and those despicable, who are always present, could say “this is not enough”, this is “opportunism” and could repeat, as it’s often affirm by the media terrorists, that “the government is about to fall” but, on the other side, most peoples don’t have the great opportunity of having a process of such an ethical, moral and ideological level as the Cuban Revolution, and they admire what this Revolution means. At difficult times, there’s nothing better to prove the quality of its people and its governors.


In Santiago, in Guantánamo and the whole Western area, the heirs of the “mambises” are ready to fight. Their weapons are not the rifles nor the victorious mortars used in the 50s, but wisdom, experience, and the tender, yet determined, gesture so that every person can feel as accompany and protected as possible. Making sure that no indiscretions are committed, which could cost lives amidst this situations, addressing the indications sent by those in charge of the active civil defense and appreciating the giving spirit of the “white coats army” who responded to the call made by the revolutionary government, took a step forward and there will be to do whatever it needs to be done.


Wherever in the world we are, all we can do now is wait, trust and wish that once again the people can overcome the situation, as happened with the Fighters of Sierra Maestra. That the Hurricane, as the Empire, notices that Raúl is the Commander in Chief of this new battle and with the same strength that he showed along with Fidel when landing off the Granma, he is preparing for a new victory.

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Photo Credit: Resumen Latinoamericano

Update: Hurricane Matthew went through Cuba and is heading to Florida

Source: La Nacion / The Dawn News / October 6, 2016

Hurricane Matthew left no mortal victims in Cuba thanks to the preparations made by the government. It did leave a trail of rubble and torn infrastructure, after 10 hours of winds that reached 300 km/h, intense rains and floods. Baracoa, on the Eastern side of Cuba, was the city that suffered the most from hurricane Matthew: hoses next to the coast were left completely devastated by the winds and the waves, which were over 8 meters high, taller than the buildings. In that city, the oldest one in Cuba, founded by Spanish conquerors 505 years ago, around 90% of the houses were damaged by Matthew.

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