ALBA Movements Statement: Haiti Needs Help, not Occupation by the MINUSTAH

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Source: ALBA Movimientos / The Dawn News / October 10, 2016

Photo credit: ALBA Movimientos
Photo credit: ALBA Movimientos

A new catastrophe looms on the people of Haiti. Over the last few days, we saw pictures and videos of the devastation that Hurricane Mathew has caused in its territory, leaving behind death and destruction. However, the greatest catastrophe in Haiti is to be prey to the imperialist plunder, accompanied by military occupation.

Predatory capitalism has left the Haitian State defenseless, unlike what happens in Cuba, where this type of climatic phenomena rarely ever kill people. This tragic moment is a good example of the differences between the two countries. A single hurricane hits but the protection system and social organization of Cuba guarantees that the effect on the population is infinitely smaller. While in Haiti the hurricane killed at least 800 people —and 10 in the United States—, in Cuba there were no fatalities.

The propaganda carried out for decades against the Cuban Revolution prevents this comparison, which could be extended to all spheres of political, social and cultural life of these two countries, which are geographically very similar, but very different in terms of political leadership. While Haiti is one of the poorest and most unequal countries in the world, almost without health, education or social security of any kind, Cuba has the highest life expectancy and better health and education coverage in Latin America and the Caribbean. The difference between a sovereign, socialist-oriented project, and a capitalist project governed by transnational corporations and oriented occupation and use of land for their own benefit.


Solidarity is not Interventionism

Just as in 2010 during the earthquake, the first two countries to jointly react in solidarity with Haiti were Cuba and  Venezuela. Demonized by private media of almost the entire planet, precisely these two countries have always been there to assist the Haitian people. Cuba, for example, has 600 permanent support men and women, who are there since 2010. Venezuela has sent elements of humanitarian aid andto Cuba and Haiti and this time will send more than 200 doctors to Haiti.

They are the opposite to the forces of MINUSTAH —the occupation mission of UN which is doing work to “stabilize” the country after a new US invasion and where a many nations, sadly including most of Latin America’s countries, have been participating for 12 years.

The results of this stabilization, after more than a decade, are obvious:  the living conditions of the people have not been improved, and they have even been the cause of the introduction of cholera, which has killed thousands of people. But they have ensured the continuity of the looting of Haiti by transnational companies, which took over mining, tourism and agribusiness.

In this scenario, the genuine help of Cuba and Venezuela has a high material and symbolic value, and traces a path of respect for the self-determination of the Haitian people and willingness to help the construction of a project of sovereignty and wellbeing that their popular movements fight for.


Calling of the Dessalines Internationalist Brigade 

FOr over 7 years, ALBA Movements, along with the Via Campesina, promotes a brigade of solidarity called Jean Jacques Dessalines, where militant of movements in Brazil, Cuba and Argentina cooperate with the people of Haiti on the basis of mutual respect and support sincere, after a molehill contribute to the integration of our peoples.

Dessalines Brigade, at this critical time, it is proposed to help the people of Haiti, leaving his [email protected] for mail contacts. To read the announcement, click here.


Comrades who have passed or actually participate of this experience of international solidarity are witness of abuses of MINUSTAH and their close relationship with controlled by transnational corporations and NGOs model. And also the aspiration of the popular movement off the chains of oppression and advance a more just society.

Since the awareness of our project unity of the Patria Grande, movements toward ALBA express once again our solidarity with the people of Haiti; We express our opposition to the continuing military occupation and we support all efforts of solidarity that fall in the construction of a multipolar world, with respect for sovereignty and self-determination of peoples.


Long live free Haiti! Enough of occupation. Outside the Minustah.


Long live the unity of the peoples of our America!


Articulation of Movements towards ALBA

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