The First Latin American Summit Against Disinformation will Create a Network of Alternative Media and Journalists

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Source: Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn News / October 22, 2016


The First Latin American Summit of Media and Journalists in Struggle Against Disinformation ended Saturday in Bolivia, where the participants will create a network to counteract the media war led by the United States.

During the Summit, the Vice Minister of Culture of Bolivia, Elizabeth Salguero, called alternative press of the continent to join efforts in order to defend Latin American women, which are oppressed by the traditional patriarchal system.

Salguero exhorted the participants to create an informative network against gender-based violence. This phenomenon doesn’t just occur in Bolivia but also in other latitudes and media can help change that reality, she said.

The role of press is to tear down the barriers of the patriarchal and colonizing society, the journalist said.

Salguero called on the alternative press to promote a new system of values and equality between men and women, against the patriarchy which has many socializing agents that perpetuate the current state of affairs.

Delegates insisted that all the nations of the continent must be alert to the plans of capitalist powers and agreed on that the U.S. government and the regional bourgeoisie seek to eliminate the progressivist processes in the region.

They affirmed that the overwhelming mediatic campaign based on lies, unfounded accusations and biases, is not a coincidence: it’s a strategy to confound and deceive the peoples.

They insisted that it’s necessary to change the mentality of the masses, so that they understand that they mustn’t be deceived by the concept of neoliberal democracy and its variants.

In the debate, the representatives of Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia clarified that are well aware of what capitalism means, and therefore they have taken up strong ideological stances against it.

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