Nicaragua: Polls give 70% of the voter intention for Sandinista Front

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Source: El 19 Digital / The Dawn News / November 1, 2016

The last M&R polls of , reflected a voter intention to Daniel and Rosario of a 69,8% a historical figure only 5 days away from the elections. According to the information, the electoral ceiling is 76,4%.

Daniel and Rosario are both well known personalities, liked by most Nicaraguans families. A 81,1% of them expressed their sympathy to Commander Daniel and a 79,0% to Comrade Rosario.

The polls also showed that 65,2% of the people support the Sandinista Front of National Liberation, as 62,9% affirmed that with a Sandinista Government there would be more opportunities for families to improve their living conditions.

High voter turnout for the poll

The survey showed that if the national elections were today, a 80,9% of the people would have exerted their constitutional right. M&R pointed that the citizen participation in the polls will round the 77,1%. M&R señala que la participación ciudadana en las elecciones rondará el 77.1%, a number slightly above the average participation of the Nicaraguan voters.

In addition to that, the people expressed their trust in the transparency of the proceeding. A 70,1% affirmed trusting in the elections. Likewise, a 84,5% points that “it’s important to vote in November 2016, because you vote is worth it”. A 86,4% considered the upcoming elections to be “important”, from which a 65,5% considered them to be “very important” and a 20% “quite important”.

Citizens said that the odds of changing their votes were “very low”: a 73,3% indicated that there are no chance of that happening, a 18,2% said there “was a chance” and barely a 6% said that it could be probable.  

Exchange with the OAS

Finally, M&R consulted people on the Dialogues between the Government and the OAS. A 67,8% affirmed that these dialogues “strengthen credibility and trust in the electoral process of November 6”.

The 8th National Survey of M&R was carried out from October 26 to 29, 2016. They interviewed 2,000 people from 17 departments. The study has a margin of error of 2.24 points and a confidence level of 95%.

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