40% of Argentinians Believe Macri is Not Fulfilling his Campaign Promises

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Source: Telesur | The Dawn News | December 6, 2016.

43,7% of Argentinians thinks that Mauricio Macri’s government is even worse than the government of Cristina Fernández.

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Also, 40% of them think that President Macri has not fulfilled the promises he made during the campaign, according to the last survey of the Public Opinion Group (GOP).

35,9% of all interviewees said that Macri has fulfilled “some” of his promises, while 21,4% said that he fulfilled “most of his promises” and 1,2% said he fulfilled all of them.

As for the question of whether they “believe Macri when he says ‘we will inaugurate one public work per day in 2017’”, 74.5% said “no”.

As far as domestic consumption goes, the survey offers a discouraging prospect. The amount of people that were planning to buy a household appliance dropped from 29,5% to 23,7%; those who plan do home improvements went from 25,6% to 21%; those who plan to buy a car fall from 13% to 9%; and people’s expectation to go on vacation decreased from 29,5 to 23,7%.

The survey also revealed that insecurity the main concern of the Argentinian people (38,6% rated it their number one concern), secondly, inflation (20,6%), lack of a job (17,4%) and low wages (4%).

Despite the fact that it became known that Macri has several accounts in tax heavens, corruption was rated as the main concern by only 3,6%, while a mere 2,3% are concerned about education.

According to 43,7% of Argentinians, Macri’s administration is worse than Cristina Fernandez’ administration, while 39,7% believe it to be better than the former President’s.

In addition,  a survey in the newspaper Clarin (famous for its opposition to Kirchner’s administration) revealed that 43,1% of the population disapprove of Macri’s management, while 25,9% have a positive opinion.

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