Haiti: People Won’t back down and Take to the Streets to Reject Electoral Fraud

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Source: Criterio | The Dawn News | December 12, 2016.

Jovenel Moise was proclaimed winner of the presidential elections, but there’s much controversy over the validity of the result.

Most protests ended with clashes against the Haitian police, with a tragic result of two babies death by suffocation (after gases were thrown profusely by the Police), several wounded and several detained in a poor neighborhood. There were also some broken windows of cars and  shops and, as days of protests went on and anger grew, vehicles were set on fire.


Also, sources consulted by Resumen Latinoamericano informed that two big supermarkets were set on fire during one of the nights in which protests intensified against Moise’s alleged “triumph”.

Since the night before the proclamation of the partial results, sounds of automatic guns being fired were heard in several poor neighborhoods, in a clear attempt to intimidate citizens.

Jovenel Moise, who is a member of Martelly’s party, the PHTK, and represents the interests of oligarchy and imperialism, seemingly won with the absolute majority of the votes (55.67%). The results will be published on December 29.

The three candidates to the Presidency who came in after Moise protested outside the Bureau du Contentieux Électoral Départemental (Departmental Bureau of Electoral Litigations, BCED), and, since this electoral court has declared itself incompetent on this matter, they went to the BCEN (Office of Electoral  Litigations of the Nation);

According to these candidates, fraud was committed, and they announced that they won’t leave the streets, therefore, the mobilizations will continue. On Monday December 12, the BCEN will begin analyzing of the lawsuits and the evidence submitted.

Reports that a Police agent  was shot to death by protesters from a party allied to Moise’s PHTK were confirmed. In general, Haiti’s press is trying to ease people into accepting Moise as their President, that is to say, they’re acting in the best interest of the enemies of the people, while Haitians continue to demonstrate on the streets against electoral irregularities and fraud.

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