First Continental Encounter of Alba Movements’ Women and Feminists Statement: Solidarity with Women around the World!

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Source: Alba Movimientos | Photo Credit: Alba Movimientos  | The Dawn News | December 12, 2016.


We, the women who participate in the First Continental Encounter of Women and Feminists of the ALBA Movements, express our solidarity with all women who suffer due to hetero-patriarchal violence and who are victims of gender-based violence imposed by the capitalist system on our bodies and territories.

We also salute the courage of all the women who get organized and struggle in their communities and we call to active solidarity with the peoples of:


The blockade imposed by the US on Cuba is a violation of Human Rights, which hinders the progress of all Cuban people. It constitutes an act of violence against the rights of Cuban women, by slowing the development of vital sectors to the country’s economy. The blockade has caused great damage to health and education, with harmful effects particularly on girls and boys. We demand the end of the economic, financial and commercial blockade of the United States on Cuba.

Puerto Rico

We denounce the lack of policies to prevent femicides and stop gender-based violence, which is a direct result of the colonial and patriarchal regime that is imposed on Puerto Rico. We repudiate the brutal violence and intentional misinformation that pregnant women are victims of at the hands of the State in order to perpetuate domination and oppression over territories and bodies.

  • We express our solidarity with the women ofP eñolana(municipality of Puerto Rico) in their fight against the toxic ash that invades their land and to defend life.
  • We demand the release of political prisoner Ana Belén Montes.


We denounce the murders of female leaders linked to the Bolivarian process, which have been committed systematically by paramilitary organizations with the aim of discouraging the active female population from participating in the Bolivarian revolution.

We denounce the imperial aggression against Venezuela, which attacks women specially, and tries to harass them economically, by trying to demoralize them and turn them away from the process of building the revolution.

We demand the immediate cessation of these violent practices that target Venezuelan women for their political commitment.


We denounce gender-based violence (and their most tragic expression, femicides), that caused the death of almost 4,000 women in the last 7 years.

Political violence against women includes the criminalization of our protests (which are peaceful but active), and political assassinations, such as the murder Margarita Murillo, peasant leader of the the National Popular Resistance Front and revolutionary leader Berta Cáceres, who was a feminist and environmentalist, as well as the murder of 15 women in resistance, who were union leaders, teachers, and citizens.

  • We demand justice and not impunity, we demand international denounce and militant solidarity.
  • Stop the persecution, repression and assassinations of social and political fighters.
  • Stop gender-based violence.
  • We demand and promote the empowerment of women and their political participation
  • We support Popular and Classist Feminism
  • We promote Constituent assemblies.


We express our solidarity with the women and the people of Kurdistan, who, across many territories are carrying out the first feminist revolution of women, with the creation of an authentic democracy from the people.

We demand the Islamic State, and the States who support them, to end the attack on women and the Kurdish people.

Long live the revolutionary Kurds,

Long live the Women’s Revolution!

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