II Continental Assembly of ALBA Movements expressed its Solidarity With the Venezuelan People

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Source: Alba Movimientos  | Photo Credit: Alba Movimientos | The Dawn News | December 12, 2016.


On the eve of our II Continental Assembly, we, the Movements Towards the ALBA reunited in Colombia, express our solidarity with the Venezuelan people and its government, who are being victims of an attack by the neoliberal governments of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, to expel the country from the Mercosur.

In the context of the onslaught of the right in the continent, led by the United States, the governments headed by Mauricio Macri (Argentina), the coupist leader Michel Temer (Brazil) and Horacio Cartes (Paraguay) have been attacking Venezuela for a long time, with the aim of isolating it internationally. To achieve this goal, they rely on the essential help of private media, NGOs and public figures such as the Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro.

With the help of a media siege that installs a false narrative in the public opinion, neoliberal governments are trying their best to make Venezuela look like a country that violates human rights, and at the same time hiding the human rights violations in their own countries. In right-wing led countries like Mexico, Honduras or Colombia, militants of social and human rights organizations suffer permanent attacks against their lives.

As happened to Cuba for more than 50 years, Venezuela is under attack because of its achievements and the permanent defense of its sovereignty against imperialism. This is a prelude to the dissolution of the organisms of integration that were created in the XXI century, such as the UNASUR and the CELAC.

We denounce to the world that this offensive against Venezuela is part of the broader imperial onslaught against our peoples so that the poor pay for the crisis of capitalism. Furthermore, it’s an offensive against the ALBA as a role model and an alternative to neoliberalism. Faced with this situation, all the movements of the continent must stand firm in defense of the Bolivarian Revolution. This fight is for everyone.

We also strongly denounce the brutal onslaught that Colombian and US financial groups have unleashed against the Venezuelan economy in recent weeks. We are with the Venezuelan people in their strong determination not to sell out their dignity nor their decision to be free and independent.

In this context, we, the popular movements of Our America reaffirm our unconditional defense of the Bolivarian Revolution and the process of integration between our peoples. Over the next four days, we will meet in Bogota to analyze the general situation of the continent and to design a plan of action that will resume the offensive of the peoples against imperialism and capital, honoring the eternal Fidel Castro, a giant of our land; and committing ourselves to creating more levels of unity, organization and popular mobilization.

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