Aleppo: To start all over again

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By: Leandro Albani / Source: Resumen Medio Oriente / December 14, 2016

Photo source: Resumen Latinoamericano
Photo source: Resumen Latinoamericano

Months and  months of combats, thousands of dead and displaced, destruction of hundreds of houses and buildings, and a never-ending international tension. This is going on in Aleppo, the financial capital of Syria, which was freed just a few hours ago. The Syrian army, supported by Russian aviation, the Lebanese organization Hezbollah and Iranian militias, gave the final blow to several irregular armed group that had turned the city into a living hell.

This victory in Aleppo is President Bashar Al Assad’s biggest blow to terrorist groups that operate inside the country, and at the same time a triumph over the operations led by the United States, Turkey, Israel and Saudi Arabia to overthrow him and install a new regime led by opposition sectors which are mostly based outside the country.

Since the beginning of the internal conflict in Syria it was clear that the White House was seeking to turn this country into a new Libya– The Northern African nation is going through the worst crisis in its entire history after NATO and a colorful assortment of militias overthrew Muammar Al Gaddafi. In Libya, a former oil power, Washington’s promises of ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ now reveal themselves as a cruel joke to a population that is decimated and living in terror under the militias that control the territory.

Now that Aleppo is being recovered by the Syrian military force, the question is what will the terrorist groups’ rifles aim to now. The support that Saudi Arabia and Turkey provided to this organizations is, perhaps, the central point to dismantle the plans to destabilize the Middle East. To cut the flow of arms and money to ISIS or the Fatah Al Sham Front (known as Al Qaeda in Syria) is fundamental to stop the massacres and the chaos that these forces cause.

At the same time, and despite the discredit regarding the Syrian conflict, the US will probably try to rescue the irregular groups. This wouldn’t come as a surprise, in fact it was clearly visible over the last months in Aleppo: Barack Obama’s government promised to present a list with groups that they labeled as the ‘moderate opposition’, with which they tried to negotiated. Of course, Washington never informed exactly which ‘moderate opposition’ groups were, despite Russia’s persistent demands.

In Aleppo, the US also tried to protect those armed groups, by proposing truces that were denounced many times because their real objective was to allow terrorists to reorganize themselves in the areas they controlled.

With this scenario, we can’t rule out the possibility that terrorists may recede into safe areas such as Raqqa –Northern Syrian city still controlled by ISIS– or even Turkey. The Turkish administration of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is still one of the biggest supporters of the attempts to destroy Syria’s government and will, without a doubt, play an active role.

Since August, the Turkish Army has entered Northern Syria with the goal of defeating the Kurdish and Arab forces that cooperate in the Democratic Forces of Syria which, together with thousands of civil organizations, defend the autonomy of Rojava (‘Northern Syria’, in Kurdish).

But, at the same time, Erdogan knows that the fall of Al Assad and the installation of a more convenient government is a possibility, however remote.  To this we must add that the Turkish Army is preparing an attack on the city of Al Bab, North-West of Aleppo, where the Democratic Forces of Syria also fight against terrorists.

Although the defeat of irregular groups in Aleppo is a victory over the scourge of terrorism, not only in Syria but at the international level, things are not getting better in the short term. The Syrian army is still fighting a bloody war, with Israel bombing areas next to Damascus and the Saudi monarchy regrouping the terrorist organizations they finance.

Now that Aleppo has been freed, the forces will regroup in Raqqa, capital of ISIS’ caliphate, which has received more terrorists that escaped from Mosul, Iraq. In that city, the future of Syria will be written.

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