Syrians celebrate liberation of Aleppo on the streets and on social media

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Source: Resumen Latinoamericano | The Dawn News | December 17, 2016


Residents of Aleppo have taken to the streets to celebrate the imminent announcement of the liberation of the city from the terrorists who occupied it.

According to the heads of the Syrian Army, 99% of the areas of the city, formerly occupied by terrorists, have been retaken by the military force of the Government and the Army is expecting the evacuation of the militants to be completed in order to take the narrow strip of land that remains to be released.

The celebrations have taken place both on the streets and on social networks, where Syrians have expressed their joy for the Eastern liberation of the city, which had been occupied by terrorists since 2012. Syrians have expressed that, after the liberation of Aleppo, the Syrian Army will be prepared to take other parts of the Syrian territory.

However, the joy for the liberation of Aleppo was not only felt by the Syrians living in the city, nor to those of Damascus and other parts of the country. It was also celebrated in Beirut, Baghdad and Sanaa, among other places.

Social networks were filled with celebration posts such as those of Hassan Jreis, who wrote: “Congratulations to the Syrian people and the brothers of the Syrian Army. If God wills it, the next victory will be in Idleb” For his part, Mohammed Hassan al Attar said: “Aleppo freed from the murderers and mercenaries sent there to harm the great people of Syria”. Mohammed Hammudi said, “Anyone who rules Aleppo will be a million times better than these extremists”.

Bahrain opposition congratulates Syria over Aleppo victory

In a message addressed to the leadership of Syria, the Syrian Army and its allies, the “February 14 Movement of Bahrain” celebrated the release of Aleppo.

“The defeat of the Wahabi takfiri terrorists in Aleppo achieved by the Syrian Army and the Resistance shows the revolutionary will of the Resistance. The spectacular victories in Aleppo were achieved within the framework of Islamic unity and prove the unity between Syria, Iraq and Yemen against the Western and Israeli plot aimed at dismembering Muslim countries”, the message read.

The victory of Aleppo is the result of five years of resistance by the Syrian nation and the untiring efforts of the Syrian Army and its allies.

Hezbollah, other resistance groups, and Russian and Iranian military advisers have played an important role in this victory.


#Video: Celebration in Aleppo

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