Evo Morales: “The Bolivian People will Always Defend Democracy” / Bolivia: Rejection to the principle of agreement between the Government and coca producers

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Source: Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn News / February 23, 2017

Photo credit: TeleSUR TV

Evo Morales declared being surprised by the spontaneous displays of support last Tuesday.

He praised the people’s will to defend democracy by commemorating the Day of Lies, a year after the February 21 referendum which Evo lost due to a media smear campaign.

“The Bolivian people, who in the past has defended democracy, still does”, claimed Morales.

This manifestations, convoked by social organizations, mobilized the people to  towards the streets of La Paz, Cochabamba, Potosí and the rest of the main cities of the country.

In the referendum held in February 2016, which seeked to enable the re-election of Morales for a fourth consecutive mandate, the “No” won in the polls by a narrow difference (51% against the 49% of the Yes), due to the discredit campaign launched by right-wing sectors against the President.

The Bolivarian President remembered, at the time, that “the Latin American right, under the direction of the American Empire, only attacks the progressivist and left-wing countries, and to that end it uses the social networks and some media outlets”.


Bolivia: Rejection to the draft for an agreement between the Government and coca producers that gives 14,300 hectares to the coca cultivation.

The coca producers of the Bolivian Yungas region who are affiliated to the Departmental Association ofCoca Producers (Adepcoca), the Council of Farmer Federations of the Yungas of La Paz (COFECAY) and the Municipal Community, rejected this Thursday the initial agreement with the Executive Power of Bolivia. The agreement granted them a bigger area to plant coca (which add to up to 14,300 hectares) in the La Paz department, and announced other protest measures.

After a meeting in which the main executive of Adepcoca, Franklin Gutiérrez, announced the results of the dialogue to the mobilized coca producers in La Paz, he said that “the core” of the association did not accept the draft for an agreement signed by three ministers of the Executive.

“We call upon the regional producers to present proposals, due to the rejection of the draft for an of agreement that was signed by the three ministers”, he explained to the journalists.

The Government minister, Carlos Romero, announced last Thursday that the agreement drafted by the coca producers and the government authorities arrived, establishes, among other items, 14,300 hectares for the cultivation of the sacred plant in the La Paz department.

Romero avoided to refer to the hectares that will be cultivated at Chapare, Cochabamba, and said that they are now waiting for the document to be approved by the coca producers of Los Yunga.

The minister greeted the disposition of the Legislative Assembly, that throughout a letter signed by the presidents of both chambers expressed the predisposition to incorporate the agreements in the Law of Coca project, which treatment shall began today.

“The Plurinational Assembly has expressed its willingness to add the modifications that we agreed upon to the project bill”, he said.

The authority pondered the great effort that was made in the country in the matter of coca reduction while respecting human rights and social participation, which reached the certification and recognition of international institutions like the UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) and the International Narcotics Control Board.

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