Sign the Petition to Withdraw MINUSTAH troops from Haiti

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Source: Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn News / February 21, 2017

We call to join efforts to build a Free and Sovereign Haiti, to join your voice, or the voice of your organization, to the petition that will be presented to the governments and parliaments and to the UN, before they vote again on the continuity of the occupation.

Click here to sign the petition or send an e-mail to [email protected] stating the following information:

  1. Do you sign on behalf of yourself or an organization? (Make sure you’re authorized to sign in the name of the organization)
  2. Name and Last Name
  3. Name of the organization
  4. e-mail
  5. City and Country
  6. Will you carry out an act or demonstration to deliver the Letter during the Week of Solidarity with Haiti, from March 15 to 22, 2017?
  7. Any additional comments or information


Signers are encouraged to organize an act of delivery of the letter to the relevant authorities in each country during the Week of Solidarity with Haiti, from March 15 to 22.


The Petition:

To the governments and parliaments of Latin America and the Caribbean

To the organism and institutions of regional integration

To the governments of the countries that are part of the Security Council or contribute to troops

To the UN Secretary General, Mr António Guterres:


Out With the MINUSTAH NOW!

The people’s organizations and social and political movements of Our America and other latitudes demand our countries and the UN Security Council to take immediate decisions to guarantee the total withdrawal of the MINUSTAH occupation troops, the shutdown of the mission and the reparation of victims for damages and crimes committed.

Haiti is not a threat to the hemisphere’s security and we condemn those who have been affirming the contrary for the last 13 years to try to justify the illegal military occupation of that country.

On the contrary, the presence of the MINUSTAH has meant a tremendous challenge to the dignity of the Haitian people and to its ability to take decisions on the natural and common goods that guarantee their survival and good living.

And what about the women, youth, boys and girls who have suffered abuse, rapes and sexual exploitation by unpunished troops that say they have come to “support” and “stabilize” the country?

Or the peasants, students and workers that have endured the repression of the troops when they wanted their rights to be respected.

Or the more than 10,000 Haitians killed and over 800,000 infected by the cholera virus, brought to Haiti by the negligence of this mission.  

We demand the immediate withdrawal of the troops—most of which come from Latin American countries—and the end of the hypocrisy of this so-called “peace” mission in a place where there was no war, which doesn’t respect its formal purpose and freely violates the rights of the civil society it says it wants to help.

This mission spends financial resources that could instead be used by the Haitian people to rebuild their own present and future.

A few countries have already withdrawn their troops, and others have announced their willingness to do it soon, but we demand: all of them must go, and now! Not in our name! We say once again.

But it’s not enough for the MINUSTAH to leave Haiti. The UN, its Security Council, the countries that feed its budget and the ones that send their troops have the obligation to repair the crimes and human rights violations they committed, including the building of a clean water system to supply the people. The MINUSTAH has a budget of 350 million dollars for 2017, and the plan the UN proudly announced to eradicate cholera and repair the victims of their actions is trying unsuccessfully to raise 400 million dollars in two years. To us, the math is simple: the problem are the interests of those who allocate money or use it to their own ends. Not in our name!

We reaffirm our willingness to keep defending the rights of the Haitian people, supporting them in solidarity with their daily struggle to overcome the impoverishment and exploitation it has been subjected to, the plundering of their land and their 100-year-long occupation. We demand you—governments, parliaments and high-ranking officials—to fulfill your duty and responsibility to respect self-determination and sovereignty and to cooperate with the people  of Haiti, to meet their needs and rights.


First signatures:

REGIONAL/GLOBAL Jubileo Sur / Américas JS/A – ALBA Movimientos – Amigos de la Tierra América latina y el Caribe ATALC – Asamblea de los pueblos del Caribe (APC), Comité Ejecutivo Regional – Alianza Internacional de Habitantes AIH – CADTM AYNA – Grito de los Excluidos Caribe – Movimiento Mesoamericano contra el Modelo extractivo Minero – Resumen Latinoamericano – School of the Americas Watch – Sociedad de Economía Política y de pensamiento crítico de América Latina SEPLA — The Dawn News


ARGENTINA Diálogo 2000 – ATTAC – Coordinadora Resistir y Luchar BRAZIL Jubileu Sul Brasil CHILE Observatorio por el Cierre de la Escuela de las Américas CUBA Organización de Solidaridad de los Pueblos de África, Asia y América Latina OSPAAAL HAITÍ Mouvement de Liberte, d’Egalite des Haitiens pour la Fraternite MOLEGHAF – Plataforma de Incidencia para un Desarrollo Alternativo PAPDA MEXICO Observatorio latinoamericana de Geopolítica DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Asamblea de los Pueblos del Caribe, Capitulo RD – Asamblea Nacional Ambiental, ANA – Campaña Cero Desalojos, AIH – Club El Gran Ejemplo – Confederación de Unidad Sindical, CNUS – Cooperativa de Vivienda COOPHABITAT – Corriente Magisterial Juan Pablo Duarte – Corriente Magisterial Narciso Gonzalez – Corriente Sindical Juan Pablo Duarte – Federacion de Transporte La Nueva Opción, FENATRANO – Foro Renovador – Foro Social de Brisas del Este – Frente Amplio, FA – Frente Estudiantil Flavio Suero (FEFLAS) – Frente Progresista Caletero FRNPROCA – Frente Universitario de Renovación FUR – Juventud Caribe – Movimiento Camina RD – Movimiento Campesino de Campesinos Trabajadores las Comunicades Unidas MCCU – Movimiento de Mujeres Trabajadoras – Movimiento de Mujeres Transportistas – Movimiento de Trabajadores Independientes – Movimiento Rebelde, MR – Periódico Trinchera Unitaria – Partido Comunista del Trabajo PCT VENEZUELA Casa de Amistad y Solidaridad Venezuela Vietnam – Comité venezolano de solidaridad con Ecuador – Grupo de montañismo político cúspides del ALBA – Unidad de análisis Fabricio Ojeda


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