Argentina: A Trial Seeks to Prosecute and Criminalize Popular Militants

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Source: Resumen Lationamericano / The Dawn News / February 25, 2017


On March 21, an oral trial will be held against Lito Borello, Luis D’Elía and Luís Bordón, who will face charges for the occupation of the 24th Commissary of La Boca, after the murder of our comrade Martín “The Bear” Cisneros

From Los Pibes Organization we denounce that this trial appears 12 years after the development of the events, as a new attack to the popular organization, criminalizing and judging the social leaders and militants that stand before the politics of this tyrannous government.

We ask to the popular communicators, press workers and to the alternative media to accompany us in a battle to unmask this new judicial-mediatic offensive of the factic powers.

Like in those days, they want to invisibilize the murder of “The Bear” and its political meaning, they are trying to demonize and stop the struggle and construction of popular organizations by installing the occupation of the commissary in the public imagination. “They killed Martín because he was rescuing the children from drugs” remembered his comrades. Cisneros and Los Pibes’s militancy work, as many other brother organizations, creates work, constructs houses, recovers the solidarity bonds and generates political consciousness in order to fight the misery conditions in which drug trafficking and the property development speculation in the south zone of the City of Buenos Aires grows.

The 24th commissary, under the leadership of Cayetano Greco, was an accomplice of this business network. They were in fact the handlers of Juan Duarte, the mobster that shot “The Bear” in the eve of the watchout for Maxi and Darío’s murders, on the night of June 25, 2004,.

The pain and indignation of a whole neighbourhood before the convenient police inaction where the ones that entered the commissary that night. After the episode, they retired within a few hours, when the murderer of The Bear (later condemned for murder) was arrested.

As Hugo Chávez said, Nobody Gives Up Here!

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